A little help

I wrote a post called “Gaslit Nation” this morning, and while proof checking it on my iPad, accidentally deleted it. I then attempted a “restore” and hit “Delete permanently” instead. It is gone gone gone. (Those button commands are very close together and very sensitive.)

This is a long shot, but if you opened the post and left it open, you can copy the whole thing and send it to me – mark at mpthct dot com.

If you only opened the opening with the “read more” button not clicked, it is unrecoverable.

I will write it again later, but am hoping for a quicker fix.


3 thoughts on “A little help

  1. Just missed it. I always write on a word processed app, in this case, Pages on my iPad so I never lose anything. Then I copy and paste to the blog. Word.


  2. fascinating sequence of events, no? the matrix/antilife os does not like to be exposed.

    i’ve experienced different/similar.

    couldn’t get the story to show. if that changes you’ll hear back from me.

    all the best,



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