Pulling back the curtain

The following comment from Greg under the post Intentional Deception or Total Incompetence has left my head spinning. 

There are charge[r]s in various areas in my area, there is a Tesla supercharger spot, has 5 stalls, charges .40 cents / kWh, and if [we] look 20 feet a way you can see the huge generator hidden behind some trees. I think most of these generators run on? Diesel fuel. So why not have cars that run on diesel and save the hassle of the chargers?

A few miles from here is supercharger spot, maybe seven of them. They sit at the base of a steep hill with a large retaining wall behind them, so it would not be easy to get up there to see if there is hanky panky, or better said: A younger person than me needs to do it.

7 thoughts on “Pulling back the curtain

  1. Perhaps — it’s not about air pollution… maybe it’s about noise pollution. But then that doesn’t fit either. 😄

    Seriously though, there are issues with every energy system change, there will always be resistance and setbacks and concerns and delays, and all manner of issues associated.


  2. Hey thanks for the shoutout. With all the news and issues on the internet and television, it’s good to get out around town and see stuff with my own eyes. Perhaps google map could give us a birds eye view of the hanky panky behind that large retaining wall? It seems the enire EV apparatus will rely on something besides just electricity.


    1. A photo would help.

      I am mostly capable, and will take a shot at that hill. My underlying suspicion, electric vehicles merely draw off the grid. But here in CO, it is not that simple. I expect to find nothing.


  3. If this was a good idea, wouldn’t private landowners be tripping all over themselves to have solar farms on their land? The BLM is planning a huge push to destroy — one more idiotic plan — public land, where subsidies are the SOP. Pay for stupid with loss of land, and loss of opportunity is the money were spent on something marginally (fiscally) sane. We left sane a long time ago. https://www.blm.gov/sites/default/files/docs/2022-12/Solar%20PEIS%20FR%20Notice%20for%20web.pdf


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