Clarification regarding Tesla

The above is a Google Earth photo of a nearby Tesla charging station. I was curious about the white boxes to the right, and so went over and took a couple of photos.


Off to the right you can see some large boxes, and outside is a label as shown below.

This box is a circuit breaker, a scaled up version of what we all have in our basements or utility rooms.

In the post below I imagined that I was looking at a generator, and thought it odd. I suspect that our friend Greg whose comment I repeated in the post saw something similar, but I don’t know. I chatted with a representative of Emsco, which supplies these breakers, and referred to it as a “motor,” or something with moving parts. He assured me it has no moving parts.

It is not a generator. End of story, but I appreciate always both skepticism and curiosity.

2 thoughts on “Clarification regarding Tesla

  1. The Tesla charger station in my area is next to a Hy-vee grocery store. Many of the big box stores like Target,Kohls etc. are putting them in their parking lots, apparently at no expense to the box store, another issue all together. I may have wrongly assumed when I commented the generator may be for the chargers, as it could be for the store. Just odd that a generator is close by to the charging station. If you are in there again and walk around that station area and see if another large metal container(generator) is in the nearby vicinity.


    1. No need to defend yourself here, Greg. What I found here in Conifer were several large white enclosures, but all protected by slim keys, the doors all of modest construction, no generators behind them. I think it is enough to know that the power behind electric vehicles comes from fossil fuels.


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