A nice moment

SENATOR BARBARA BOXER: Mr. Epstein, are you a scientist?

ALEX EPSTEIN: No, philosopher.

SENATOR BARBARA BOXER: You’re a philosopher?


SENATOR BARBARA BOXER: Okay. Well, this is the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. I think it’s interesting we have a philosopher here talking about an issue …

ALEX EPSTEIN: It’s to teach you how to think more clearly.


2 thoughts on “A nice moment

  1. I was on a plane with Boxer on her first trip back to Cali after the check kiting scam broke. (The pilot welcomed her over the PA). It was one of the planes where the hoi polloi disembark before the first class folk. Seeing a news crew set up waiting for her and having plenty of layover time, I stopped to watch.

    BB is a tall midget, and snuck past the camera by hiding in the crowd. They started chasing her as she darted among the proles. When she got on the moving sidewalk they ran ahead and set up at the exit, trapping the little rodent.

    Unfazed, she strided off the sidewalk in full spine towards the camera as if she had been waiting for them to show up.


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