And the award goes to …

The question is, does he believe a word of his own rant? His two weakest subjects in college were science and math. He could be just that dumb.

This rant is overly agitated. Gore is exerting a lot of energy. I can see clouds of CO2 vapor around him. I think he needs to consider some carbon trading, perhaps planting a few trees in Nicaragua to compensate.

5 thoughts on “And the award goes to …

    1. ^^^This! Ask him about his rarely-used mansion in TN with its year-round outdoor heated pool…maybe the effect from all those “Hiroshima-class” A-bombs is keeping it warm this winter? So there is an upside at least.


  1. NC running a long, strawman-filled piece today:

    “..Yes, some climate scientists are louder and more insistent than others and some are wrong at times; some scientists are less than honest. But there has been no confirmation that climate scientists are in on a vast conspiracy that includes essentially all of them. One of the funniest tropes from the APG deniers is that climate scientists want to get rich from government grants. No, that is not how it works! The return on that “investment” is negative. Besides, no conspiracy that large could last more than a day, and the notion that that many scientific egos will go along with the crowd on anything is absurd…”

    That’s not my model of the sociology of bad incentives and groupthink in science, in any event. Pfah, I wish there were more “scientific egos” worthy of the name, and not just well-trained factotums.

    Anyway, read it if you want even more groan-inducing content-


    1. Ah,, the old trope that conspiracies fall apart in a day. They do not if they are actively managed from above, and if people are punished for stepping out of line. There is no 97% consensus among climate scientists, but there a large percentage of them afraid to speak up.

      There is a reason why most public climate change skeptics are retired or independently employed.


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