The power of a fake virus

I invested in a new computer, a laptop, very small and yet powerful. I now have the ability as I awake merely to sit in my chair and peck away. More’s the pity, you might suggest. I’ve gotten so lazy that I do not want to go to my desk and sit there and work on a desktop. But strange things were going on there. I could not scan to my Brother printer. I could not use the Protonmail Bridge to view mail from that site using Outlook. I had to shut down and restart the computer each morning to get my email from Ipage. I felt the beast was on its way out.

I have long wanted a laptop – I once had one, but in Albuquerque some years back, I sandwiched it between two suitcases as we checked into a motel, and then went inside for some reason. On return, the laptop was gone. Someone was watching people, and stealing stuff. I mentioned this to the desk clerk and got a blank stare in return. So fucking what? seemed to be his response. I wondered if Albuquerque was a dangerous place.

I digress. I  came across the following quote used by William Skink back during the fake pandemic, sourced as Alan Dershowitz.

“[L]et me put it very clearly, you have no constitutional right to endanger the public and spread the disease even if you disagree, you have no right not to be vaccinated, you have no right not to wear a mask, you have no right to open up your business. And if you refuse to be vaccinated the state has the power to literally take you to a doctor’s office and plunge a needle into your arm. If there’s a disease that will kill you, you have the right to refuse that, but you have no right to refuse to be vaccinated against a contagious disease for public health. The police have the power of the Constitution that gives the state the power to compel that”.

That, to me, sums up the high intelligence behind the invention of viruses and supposed pandemics caused by them. It’s a way of controlling populations, keeping them under the iron fists of fascists. Dershowitz, in case you don’t have a skeptical mind, is an agent who will be found present at every fake event of our time, most prominently as a lawyer for OJ Simpson, a man who was sacrificed for unknown reasons, and who occupied the public mind for a couple of years after having killed no one, spent no time in jail … a propaganda fiesta. So it should be no surprise that when it comes to fake pandemics, just like fake murders, Dershowitz is on top of things.

I imagine that the above quote came from his iPhone as he traveled down an LA freeway, hunched down in the back seat of a white Bronco. Maybe not. After all, OJ was not in that white Bronco, so why would Alan be?

11 thoughts on “The power of a fake virus

  1. That Dershowitz quote is so insidious, as it turns the entire purpose/meaning of The Constitution on it’s head.

    The Constitution doesn’t “give us rights”.

    The Constitution simply limits the government, and the government must look to The Constitution to find it’s “limited and enumerated powers “.

    He frames it as if the people are, basically, slaves to the government, and must wait for the government to tell us “our rights”.


    1. Many celebrities and popular musicians were spooing out the same idea as jerkowitz. They must all be employe by the same talent agency. I remember a few years back, computers with older cpus could no longer download, update or use the new browsers and certain software. Many people had to fork over the bucks for a newer model at least to use for the internet.I think the next cpu purge is in 2025, butif its new than an 8th gen, then should be okay.


  2. As an aside, can you share what types of laptop you chose from in general if it’s not appropriate/ too public a discussion in which to give out the laptop details. I’m wanting to buy one but the choice is bewildering


    1. I am going to leave this to my readers, and not contaminate it with any of my own experiences. I have no expertise and fall for every imaginable scam. I hope some useful comments follow.


    2. The cheapest one will be enough for office and internet including videos, when it comes to computing power. For some reason, cheap ones have no IPS technology display. Any decent phone or tablet has one. Myself, I stopped using laptops long ago. I got a Bluetooth keyboard for my Android, there are synchronization solutions, like the SycMe App. No reason to haul a laptop, so stuff is on it.


  3. Decades long social engineering. This here, the redefining of rights, goes back to the war on cigarettes. The argument was used back then, your allowed to smoke, but when the smoke reaches someone, your not. It’s about shifting what are acceped life risks. A slippery slope, we’re in fiction now.


  4. Dershowitz, like the majority of the ZOGs assume that they have the USA by the gonads. They quite obviously assume that they control the government and perhaps they are correct because just from the way things are going … internationally, I would bet a pound-to-a-piece-of-shiite, that these bastards control most Western-Democracies, and they know it. Pricks …


  5. F**k Dershowitz and all m**********rs like him.

    Talking about laptops, a few months ago I bought a refurbished one, a Toshiba Tecra A50-A-1F0, 15.6 ”, HD 1600×900, 8GB RAM, 250 GB high speed memory, Intel Graphics 4600, Bluetooth, 2 USB 2.0, 1 USB 3.o. CD/DVD player. Windows 10. Price: 450 €. Be warned: it’s a bit heavy to carry so maybe not suitable for long trips. Best buy ever.
    Hope that helps.


  6. Laptops with actual security, try linux or.

    For a really solidly built windows machine I’ve had very good luck with Asus.
    I often haul stuff in a bicycle pannier so I really test the solidity of it. If you must windoze maybe try spybot anti-beacon software to limit corporate tracking.

    Something like an IPS display is crucial for long term comfort.

    For a giant cell phone tablet experience maybe look at Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 which can really do everything I wanted in a laptop. Nice speakers too. I do not expect security from it. I have the 12.2 inch.


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