The missionary position

Our friend and fellow writer Gaiassphere and I have been going back and forth on the nature of shills, who is a shill and who is not. I don’t claim to know everything, which is comforting as it allows me to be wrong and move on. But the recent self-outing of AA Morris was revealing.

Morris, as I gather, appeared on the scene in 2017, and within a stretch of maybe ten seven months had put up 200 225 or so podcasts, each long and tedious and detailed. That does not happen in real life, so I knew he was reading a script. But what if he wrote the script and was merely reading his own stuff? Possible, I suppose. Unlikely, but possible.

Anyway, enough about Morris. I hope Gaiassphere writes more about that experience in public. He has given us some tantalizing details in private.

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