Assange Arrested

If Assange is a journalist/publisher, not a “spy,” then all pretense of democracy/republic is exposed. State government, in other words, is a hoax. Free speech is dead. Government “for the people” is dead. No “freemen.” No rights as granted in the Magna Carta (1215/1297). No U.S. Constitutional rights exist.

Stay tuned as TPTB scramble to cover up their crimes.

They’re Back!

I’m glad to see Information Clearing House back online. There’s always something there worth reading.

Let me share the following article from one of my Montana friends and environmental colleagues. Today’s topic is Zionist power and “anti-Semitism.” I hope you enjoy Paul’s writing as much as I do.

And what good timing. It’s election time in Israel. In Israel, like in the U.S., elections are for show. Power is never defeated by the state-registered citizen/voter. Silly game.

Who runs the asylum?

Beneath my post about the Smothers Brothers the first comment to arrive came from S. Volpetti, and in it he linked us to this site.  It is a set of books that traces the descendants of the original settlers dispatched by the Crowns of various European states, primarily Great Britain. These were not prisoners, and while Britain may have wanted to dispatch its religious nuts to a faraway post, it by no means did so with the idea that such filberts would be put in charge. (We are told that Australia was a prison colony, but the inmates did not run that asylum.)

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Information Clearing House “suspended.”

Who’s Next?

I have no way of knowing what caused this suspension, or who may be responsible. Suffice it to say that all alternative media is being systematically culled. I suppose this is part and parcel of the culling of the human population of “useless eaters” (goyim) that have outlived, or outnumbered, their usefulness to the oligarch-“gods” who ultimately make most of these life-and-death decisions.

Controlled opposition smothers real dissent


I know going into this piece that not too many readers are going to be familiar with the two men in this photograph, Tom and Dick Smothers. This goes way back in time to a television series that was cancelled in early 1969, months before the Manson/Tate hoax slammed the door on the anti-Vietnam War movement of that era.  I enjoyed the boys, even as I recognized the only true comedic chops belonged to “Tommy” on the left. Dick on the right was a man with a light sprinkling of talent, a bass player who could sing, but not very well. He was used as Tommy’s straight man. He also, later in his career, took a shot at acting. He was not very good at that either.

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Can Uber-Marketing False “Green Awareness” Save Capitalism?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ed Markey’s Green New Deal is being unveiled today.

Democrats appear poised to take a page out of FDR’s New Deal promotional tactics with a media blitz of their own, pushing a “Green New Deal.”  Sorry, no fireside chats.  There will be an impressive electronic/digital media blitz.  Soon we will all hear the story.  It has been playing nonstop for a while now.  The trick is to gain consent.  By hook or by crook commoners will be taught to sing a single chorus line in harmony – all from the same green-energy/climate-change hymnal.

Is it time for a real shift toward conservation and protection of nature? Or are we – most of us passively – sitting on the sidelines, witnessing yet another clever ploy to coopt “the left” and once again, save capitalism and the two-party system (how many times is this now?) from recurring fatal flaws:  Greed, wage and wealth inequality (slavery) and ecological destruction.  In order to fully understand the implications of the Green New Deal, one must be familiar with the New Deal.  We only think we know what happened in the 1930s.

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Hissy fits

Gaia opted, in a very public way, to exit the scene here, and that’s OK. We all get to do what we wish. This was followed by Kevin Starr, who had previously told me privately he was done writing, and who then took opportunity to make a public withdrawal as well. You can read all about this in the comments under the “links restored” piece.

I have had but one objective in bringing other writers aboard, to allow me freedom to do other things, hoping this forum would have a life of its own without me. That has not happened. So, before I get into the programming that exists behind this blog to remove Gaia, Kevin (and Annette), I am going to find out from Maarten, Tyrone and Steve if they wish to carry on as well.

We had some exciting times here when Josh and Straight were aboard. Then one day I allowed Vexman in, and soon I would wake up to find one tract or another on Soviet history. Straight advised me privately that Vexman was taking the blog off a cliff. I cannot know that to be true, but this I did know: When Vexman announced that 700,000 Russian citizens had been killed by means of a stealth gunshot to the back of the head, I realized that there was a lot of sneaking up on people going on, and that no one knew how to run or hide! Kerpow you’re gone! Mamma, don’t hold dinner for me, I got the head shot today.  In other words, it did not happen. I sat in my morning chair and using an iPad, which is difficult to work with, I excised all of Vexman’s work.

I did this without telling him. I was in panic mode. It was a mistake in the manner done, but not that it was done. In the aftermath, feeling I had wronged him, I offered him his spot here, and he wisely rejected it, and that was a fortunate brush, as he does not belong here. He still has his own blog, he is still linked.

Josh, a friend of Vexman’s, feeling I could not be trusted, withdrew as well around April Fool’s day of 2017. Straight had vamoosed, offering a view that life is too short and that he had more fulfilling things to pursue. Both are still linked here.

Kevin’s (public) withdrawal included the sentiment that 99.99% of the alternative media is comprised of spooks and trolls. I do not know the percentage but he’s right. I have often invoked “total spectrum dominance” wherein every outlet that we seek to avoid the mainstream is merely mainstream wearing a mask. This is true of Alex Jones (Bill Hicks), Amy Goodman (Janis Joplin), Thom Hartmann (Brandon deWilde) and all of the others. Rush Limbaugh, who I enjoy on occasion, has but one purpose: To make it appear as though we have a “left” in this country, one that is populated by Democrats. We can bounce around all we want. They are the same animal, the mainstream. They control our behaviors without our knowledge.

I know two ways to ‘out’ these people … one was to uncover their previous identity, if they ave one. Another is to see if they advocate flat earth. That is a calling card for spooks.

In the end, I can do nothing about it. Here is what I know, and I understand if you don’t believe me: I am a real person. I do honest work, and have made many mistakes and learned from them. I enjoy the work. I will never be mainstream, I will never change any minds not already tilted this way anyway. I don’t care about that. It is a wackadoodle planet, and all we can do is get through this life with a positive outlook.

Finally, there is the Miles Mathis affair wherein I was presented a tract by Robert Zherunkel (preceded by some genealogy by Kevin Starr that he has since taken down (though not retracted)). In it Bob at first wanted to imply that there was an association of some sort between Mathis and child pornography that had compromised him and left him vulnerable to control by others. I feared libel, and asked him to tone it down, which he did. We cannot know things like that and speculation is nasty business. I make no such accusation nor do I imply I know or suspect such things. Bob agreed to use MM’s words and to allow the readers to draw their own inferences. That in mind, I ran the piece, as I had to agree with the following words:

… here’s a claim that keeps coming up again and again. In Taos, New Mexico there is a man with a mind greater than all the greatest thinkers in history. This man single-handedly is solving puzzles in physics and astronomy and mathematics and world history that no one else has ever solved before, and at a pace that seems superhuman. This man has accomplished these tremendous intellectual feats:

• without the aid of a laboratory or a research library

• far apart from the company of cutting-edge thinkers in the respective fields

• without the help of graduate assistants, or even a receptionist to grab him a cup of coffee in the morning

• without a high-powered computer or even any great programming (or web-design) skills

• with just a basic education, but no advanced degrees or formal training in any of these fields.

It stands. It cannot be. Of course the latter part, “no advanced degrees or formal training” is a contradiction of sorts, as Mathis maintains (and I agree) that most of science and formal training is in the creation of trained seals, my words. That part is not strong criticism, but the rest is.

In the ensuing kerfuffle, Josh (still linked below) exposed himself in a way unexpected as an MM acolyte, and offered his blog for rejoinder. There followed a massive outpouring of, not so much support, but ad hominem, and from that I draw a complete circle back to Kevin Starr, who says that 99.99% of the alternative media is compromised. I did have some fun, offering up a few comments over there, and then hitting the “like” button on myself. If any of you take time now to read the latest MM paper on Immanuel Velikovsky, you will see that MM has his own “like” button, placing himself in the historical realm. When Newton said he stood on the backs of giants, I guess he was referring to MM. [Other than the raw egoism, I very much enjoyed the paper, full of ideas brand new to me.]

Things have settled down since, and Kevin said to me that even if MM is a limited hangout, it is the best one going, and I agree. MM is also restored to the links below. Being linked here matters so little that it cannot be seen under a microscope. It is merely my way of saying “Use your own brain. Figure everything out for yourself, and let the chips fall. I do not have the answers. Just questions.”

Finally, I am going to cite one last line from the Bob Z piece that still resonates with me:

Why do The Powers That Be even bother with limited hangouts?  I think it has something to do with what a police officer once told me, about this innate drive in all people, the urge to confess.  Not out of guilt or need for atonement.  Sometimes it’s just to brag, like in the movie Wag the Dog.  Keeping a juicy secret is a strain for the human psyche.  Those who pull off their con jobs on the public want just a little exposure, a little recognition of their brilliance.  When [POM writers] occasionally figure out one of their schemes, I think it only enhances TPTB’s delight instead of diminishing it.

I think he is on to something. The scams we have witnessed just in the time since the end of World War Two are massive, incredibly well planned, and extremely clever. I have suspected, but cannot know, that MM was chosen as the outlet with the caveat that he not allow outside input, and that he blackwash himself by accompanying the work with antisemitism and horse shit genealogy. That way it achieves two purposes: those who pulled off these con jobs get their day in the sun, if only poking through clouds, and it is self-quarantined. Only people who acknowledge real talent get to see and appreciate it. The mainstream is protected.

I have to keep doing what I do because I like doing it, and if Steve, Maarten and Tyrone want to be onboard, fine. I will contact them directly about that, and not by means of the last paragraph of a blog post. If not, I will accommodate them as I have the others. None of us are perfect, all of us have egos, but I am frankly tired of hissy fits.