RFK’s The Real Anthony Fauci: A progress report

I am on page 180 of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s book, The Real Anthony Fauci, and have been unfaithful to my pledge not to litter it with 3M Post-It flags, I have indeed done so. So far I used eight of them. Normally a book I like will look ready to take flight, so many do I use.

At Amazon the book has so far generated 21,365 comments, 89% favorable. I would never add to a mess like that, and could not even if I wanted to, as sometime in the not-too-distant past, I violated Amazon’s “community standards,” which seem to be this: Be as controversial as you want in commenting, but never stray from the mainstream lane.

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Tying Up Some Loose Ends: Virus Narrative Aiders, Abetters and Tricksters?

Writer’s Note: Frequently, I spend time writing entire posts that end up getting scrapped before seeing the light of the day — despite having poured significant sweat equity into them. Recently, I set out to compose a fictional piece, but for several reasons (some of which may become obvious to the reader), I nixed it. That said, I include herein a few saved snippets (italicized for easy recognition), and then feature some individuals who have remained obscure from purview in the past two years. As I have previously expressed (see here and here), I have often envisioned the elusive SARS-CoV-2 virus (along with its propagandists and defenders) being put on trial. Contrary to others who may also be holding mock trials (notably, and very intentionally, without highlighting the potential non-existence of said pathogenic antagonist), the primary premise of my vision of a trial would be to address the colossal elephant in the court room. Namely, is there an infectious agent on the loose wreaking havoc across the world?

What follows is a fictional trial scene. 

In this fully contrived scenario, various witnesses are called to the stand. The judge tells the jury that the defendant (in this instance, the SARS-CoV-2 virus) has the right not to testify, and that the jury cannot hold it against the defendant. Spoiler alert: It seems the defendant is NO WHERE TO BE FOUND; in fact, no witness, nor juror, nor any trial participant has ever seen the defendant in the flesh. Only digital representations of the defendant have been observed. Additional spoiler alert: The Court may have pinned this crime on the WRONG culprit. The real criminal may still be on the loose.

Superior Court of Stephers County, somewhere in the U.S.

Bailiff: All rise. Superior Court is now in session. Judge William Fakespear presiding. Please be seated.

Hon. Fakespear: Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Calling the case of the People of Stephers County versus SARS-CoV-2. 

[Clerk swears in the jury; prosecutor and defense team present their opening statements]

Hon. Fakespear: The Prosecution may call its first witness. 


Ok, readers, enough frivolity for now . . . on with the regularly scheduled programming.

At the beginning of the Coronavirus hullabaloo in February 2020, many readers may actually recall watching various mainstream news segments featuring an American man named Frank Wucinski, with his young daughter (see here, here, here, and here). In interviews, Wucinski claimed he was in Wuhan— the reported epicenter of this alleged coronavirus — when the purported outbreak occurred, and that his father-in-law had recently passed from the coronavirus. It is unclear if he was visiting his wife’s family in Wuhan (as he mentioned in interviews), or living in Wuhan, as he also asserted he had been living there for the past 15 years. His LinkedIn profile reflects him working there for this period of time. It seems (as he stated in the aforementioned interviews) that he and his young daughter returned to the U.S. and were quarantined at an army base, while his wife stayed behind in Wuhan. Wucinski had set up a Go Fund Me account, raising nearly $18,000 for he and his family. 

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The Stench of Digital Dung: Virtual Variants, Trigger Events, and Blockchain Cults

If you haven’t already, kindly remove your face diaper before proceeding.  

“Nearly one century ago, Lewis Mumford observed in his magnum opus, Technics in Civilization, that great advances in technology and society come from the intersection of complementary and mainly technological revolutions. Mumford assigned a label . . . to each of history’s modern eras. The first, with its ‘collection of inventions and ideas introduced from about AD 1000 into the eighteenth century,’  Mumford labeled the ‘ecotechnic phase’ . . . The second era, the Industrial Revolution, characterized by advances in ‘materials and power sources,’ he termed the ‘paleotechnic phase’ . . . His own time, the 1930s, which witnessed a flowering of innovation from ‘new alloys, electricity, and improved means of communication,’ he labeled the ‘neotechnic phase,’ (neo, of course for new).

To extend that taxonomy, we propose ‘neurotechnic phase,’ (the Greek root neuron meaning nerves) for the coming long era of growth. 

We now enter humanity’s first era of a networked, ubiquitous, and intelligent infrastructure. We do in fact live in time of a ‘new normal.’ But instead of our future being one of perennial slow growth and technological stagnation, it will be just the opposite. The reality is that we, and our children, and grandchildren, live at the beginning of the long neurotechnic phase of civilization, the most exciting and promising time in history.” (p. 327-328)

~ Mark P. Mills, The Cloud Revolution: How the Convergence of New Technologies Will Unleash the Next Economic Boom and a Roaring 2020s  

Writer’s Note: As I wrote this essay, I felt the need to “borrow” language from other writers and thinkers who have come before me, with remarkably greater insights and poetic lingo. Thus, I have repeatedly incorporated their original thoughts, and to simply credit them, rather than clutter the piece with long quotes. I chose to place their initials in parentheses where appropriate. Further, in most instances, as I was jumping from quote to quote, page to page, chapter to chapter, and post to post, I had trouble retroactively identifying their origins. So many of their insights blended seamlessly and synchronously with my own, that at times I found it challenging to distinguish where their thoughts ended, and mine began. Therefore, in my best effort to acknowledge these critical voices, I make every attempt to delineate them. I apologize in advance if they (or the reader) encounter any questionable overlap that went unaccounted for. Accordingly, following is the legend I utilized to denote these individuals:

Alison McDowell (AM) of wrenchinthegears.com

Michael Hoffman (MH) of revisionisthistory.org and author of Twilight Language and Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare 

Goro (G) of supertorchritual.com (most of his work at STR is behind a paywall — see Endnote 1)

Herein, I go beneath the masonic symbolism most often apparent and mirroring the occult. We are going deep — equipped with a Cryptocracy lens — into an abyss replete with Twilight Language (MH) and public psychodrama . . . into a land of disenchantment (MH), where we may see some uncanny coincidences that possibly serve as a reflection of a larger, yet hidden, gestalt out in the open.

How is that for a paradoxical and cryptic lead-in? 

Readers may recognize this phenomenon as Revelation of the Method, a term ostensibly coined by symbolism science extraordinaire James Shelby Downard, to describe the subliminal alchemical processing of society by its self-selected Cryptocratic controllers, through orchestrated open-air rituals (MH). 

My aim is to break any trance state that has been imposed on us. But how does one become lucid and mentally agile amidst all the noise spewed out by the Machine? Perhaps some kung fu pattern detection is in order . . . 

What is that terrible smell in the air? Do you sense it? Perhaps not. So please allow me to point it out.

There is digital dung (MH) floating around in the ether these days, defined and applied (by me; see Final Writer’s Note) as: symbolic, subliminal clues placed in open sight by the sorcerous system through public rituals, which unconsciously mirror the digitized infrastructure being built inside and around us — by humans, yet not for humans, as it ultimately serves the technological non-human master (the “AI beast”). Accordingly, we do not beneficially reap what we sow, as we increasingly become digitized, remotely-programmable serfs indentured to the Singularity.

Unless you have been living under a rock, undoubtedly, you have heard of one iteration of digital dung. It’s called Omicron. You may have thought it was only the name of a deviant (cough cough, I mean, variant), or an anagram of moronic or oncomir. Word play seems to have had a renaisssance since this mischievous deviant appeared on the scene. I suppose that’s a good sign. Some of us have been playing with words for many years, and it is kind of nice to see others joining in on the decoding amusement. Funny thing, though, there is one underhanded and unremitting thread that I have noticed, which seems to have been omitted from public awareness, and thus, deserves unraveling. Once you see it, I suspect you may not unsee it. Further, you may start to detect the curious pattern elsewhere. Let’s dip our toes into de-occulting this, shall we?

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Blue Bayme and miscellany

The Sierra Club quit beating its wife. So they say. At this link we find that they took $25 million from various natural gas interests between the years 2005-2010. They allegedly stopped, in 2012 issuing the following press release:***

The Club continues to view natural gas as a flawed but necessary transition fuel to a clean energy future powered by wind, solar and other truly clean energy sources. That’s all the more reason that we must even more aggressively push for strong state and federal regulations. To succeed in those efforts, there can be no question of our independence. We can no longer accept donations from companies or individuals involved in the natural gas industry.

Sierra Club was not alone in taking money from fossil fuel companies. The Environmental Defense Fund is as guilty, if not more so, along with Natural Resource Defense Council and others, usually the big enviro groups.  This article is from 2012 and outlines much of the corruption. There’s a common and never debunked belief fostered on the public by Climate Alarmists that the fossil fuel industry is funding Climate Skeptic groups, kind of a David/Goliath situation. This, like everything else said by alarmists, is just another big lie.

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Noam’s guarding the cave

All right, all right – a joke explained is a joke not funny. I titled this post Noam’s Guarding the Cave as a play on words, substituting “Noam’s” for Gnomes, which are mythical creatures that guard trees and animals of the forest. Swiss bankers are referred to as the Gnomes of Zurich, and it is not a compliment.


I went through a period in the 1990s to some later date, how much later I am embarrassed to say, wherein I followed the work of Noam Chomsky and his own personal Minime, David Barsamian. I read most of his books, and Barsamian interviewed the hell out of him, making yet more books.

I want to first point to a 2016 paper by Miles Mathis, Noam Chomsky is and Has Always Been a Spook [I cannot get the link to work, but it is http://mileswmathis.com/chom.pdf, or just go to his updates page and search for “Chomsky.”], as it appears that he went through a similar infatuation, and is well recovered. The MM essay stands well on its own, but after publishing it he received an email from a former student of Chomsky’s at MIT, published on page 29 forward. In it the former student indicates that Chomsky, whose prose on political matters was forthright and well written, in matters of linguistics appeared to be the product of ghost writers. He also suggests that much of Chomsky’s early work might well have been derivative of his father’s.

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The John Birch Society, alive and well?

Based on my memory of where we lived at the time, remembering our living-room as the site, in 1973 I hosted a meeting of the John Birch Society (JBS). I only did that once, and my reasons for never doing it again, never participating again, had more to do with a lack of moral courage than anything about them. In my youthful and naive political state, I felt they were on to the right messages, but that I would be stigmatized by belonging and participating. For a brief while I had a bumper sticker supporting JBS, but when my older brother Steve snickered at it and me, it went away.

First, a brief history of JBS from Wikipedia. Surprisingly, it is littered with usual suspects and spook markers. The Society, founded in 1958, was named after John Birch, the “first American casualty of the Cold War.” During World War II, he was a military intelligence officer under General Claire Chennault. He was part of the “Doolittle Raid,” a subject that rings a bell but is off-topic here. In 1942, Birch, who spoke Chinese, became an Army Intelligence officer. In 1945, Birch was promoted to Captain and worked for the OSS, Office of Strategic Services, forerunner of the CIA. He led confrontations against renegade groups of Chinese Communists ordered to surrender. In one such confrontation, Birch was ordered to give up his sidearm, and refused. He was beaten and then shot, and his corpse was bayoneted.

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It was sometime in 1988 or 1989 that I sat on my couch reading. In those days I was intent on solving the Kennedy assassinations. I needed to break away from it, as it was obsessive behavior, and yet … I knew if I pushed and pushed that something might give way, and I might attain some new and unforeseen insight. What I got was not the insight I was looking for. It took me by surprise. 

I remember the moment well … reading a book written by ex-FBI agent William Turner and some guy named Warren Hinckle (both most likely controlled opposition), called The Fish is Red. (Those words were secret code and used to start the Bay of Pigs affair.) I paused, looked up at the ceiling in a nearby hallway and realized that there was nothing to fear in the USSR, and that the Cold War was not real. At that moment I experienced for the first time in my life since early childhood …  freedom. I felt a weight lifted off me. I could breathe freely. I had lived in a state of fear for most of my life, deliberately put there by our leaders. I was either 38 or 39 years of age. They took a good chunk of my life from me. 

Of course, after this realization, on 11/9/1989 the Berlin Wall came down. Such was my power!  (Europeans list dates as day/month rather than our convention, so that they would list that day as 9/11.)

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The Musical Industrial Complex: A closer look


By: Guest Writer Cranky Yanky

I recently embarked on a mission to discover some “new” music, or better stated, music that is “new to me.”  Since I am quickly approaching the age of 60, I have now been listening to a lot of the same music for several decades, whether voluntarily or not, and quite frankly, I’ve had enough!  Thankfully, technology now affords us access to almost all recorded music, so I decided to explore this extensive “virtual” record collection for possible hidden gems.  What follows is my “music mining” process:

  1. My search began in 1964, so I went to the Wikipedia page called “1964 in Music.” There it lists all the notable album releases for that year month by month. I then clicked on each musical act of interest which took me to their corresponding Wikipedia page. Once there, I pulled up the musician’s discography and downloaded all studio albums released during that decade (avoiding live releases or compilations and I also excluded music genres that I know I do not enjoy – Jazz, Country, and Progressive Rock.)
  2. After downloading all of the 1960s releases from several musical acts, I then began to listen to EVERY song using what I call the 30-second rule.  By “30-second rule” I mean that I gave each track “up to” 30 seconds to capture my interest and/or not bore me.  I immediately skipped any “hit” or familiar songs.  (I also avoided “bonus” tracks like demos and alternate versions.)
  3. All songs that survived my 30-second rule were then placed into a playlist to weed out the weaklings.  The “survivors” now comprise the song lists that I will be enjoying for my remaining time in this earthly realm.

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Words of Wisdom, Words of Caution

On January 21, 2021, Matt McKinley of Quantum of Conscience, posted a discussion, “Exercise in big thinking — Arrogant to assume we’re the only ones not fooled!” (see video below). The subtext for the video stated, “Every once in a while I must keep on the table that reality is fooling us, just as it’s fooling every other group.” I hope readers here will listen to his wise words, in a way that only Matt knows how to do. 

Matt’s off-the-cuff presentation reminded me of a tiny book I keep by my bedside: the Shambhala Pocket Classic, Awakening Loving-Kindness, written by a Buddhist nun and renowned meditation master, Pema Chödrön. Chapter 8 is called “No Such Thing as a True Story, and leads with, “In Taoism there’s a famous saying that goes, ‘The Tao that can be spoken is not the ultimate Tao.’ Another way you could say that, although I’ve never seen it translated this way, is, ‘As soon as you begin to believe in something, then you can no longer see anything else.’ The truth you believe in and cling to makes you unavailable to hear anything new.”

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Part 1: A Star is Born ~ Ascent of the Techno-S’pore and the Descent of Man

Part 1 of the Series, “Of Monkeys, Mice and Men: From Natural Bodies to Digitized Bots

Governments should prepare for the “biodigital convergence”

~ Tse Hao Guang, Strategist at the Centre for Strategic Futures (CSF) in Singapore

As stated on September 10, 2020, in the article, “Bio-surveillance in the Era of COVID-19,” by Tse Hao Guang, “Canadian think-tank Policy Horizons has recently articulated the potential for a ‘biodigital convergence,’ where biological and digital systems interpenetrate to change the way we live, work, and even define what is natural or human. The rise of bio-surveillance, accelerated by COVID-19, is undoubtedly one undercurrent of this driving force. The need to ensure safety and order through more direct and fine-grained monitoring of human bodies has led to these new methods of sensemaking.”

What we are experiencing is a sporogenesis of technocracy, and more specifically, the augmentation of nature and humanity utilizing biodigital convergence — with the intention of propelling civilization into a post-nature and post-human existence. While the roots of technocracy trace back to the 16th century with Francis Bacon, who is recognized as the father of technocracy, there is a tiny 55 year-old country that has dispersed its techno-progeny spores across the world — that which is S’pore, or Singapore. 

Most researchers (including myself) have been focusing efforts on revealing the central role of The World Economic Forum as framing and influencing (with potential forethought) this plandemic scenario and its seemingly correlated world re-ordering. There are additional players afoot deserving of exploration and attention. 

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