Dumpster diving

I am going to post a video here for viewing beneath the fold, but I want to emphasize – IT IS TRASH! In my “Response…” piece posted yesterday I mentioned that Dallas Goldbug is a noise maker, deliberately putting out crappy work in order to discredit good work. So, too, is the guy called “Jungle Surfer,” who made this video.

It has also been suggested that the work we do here is slippery and not credible, possibly aimed at discrediting similar work. So I thought this would be a good opportunity to highlight the difference between fake comparisons that manipulate the images in order to force a desired outcome, and our approach, which ensures the faces are accurately compared by means to a common measurement, pupil distance, so that they can be properly compared. I suppose you could also call that a manipulation if you wanted to, but I just call it part of the careful methodology we’ve developed.

In the video, he claims that Princess Diana faked her death, is a “tranny” (that sort of talk is all over the disinfo sites these days), and is now David Furnish who married to Elton John. What a load of …  Continue reading “Dumpster diving”