The Mysterious Case of the Poisonous Painter

Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty is perhaps one of the most effective disinformation agents ever used by our hidden-hands rulers. I say “is” because his work is still used by JFK assassination “experts” like Black Op Radio’s Len Osanic to promote the event as real. Osanic is still running interviews from long ago, before his 2001 death. The JFK assassination is an interminable rabbit hole. I am not going near it with this post.

Instead, Prouty has been used to promote another matter that has had me curious for some years now, the promotion of the idea that Franklin Roosevelt was murdered, poisoned by the “Churchill Gang.” This link will take the reader to the Prouty archive, which is maintained by Osanic. There we learn that Stalin met with FDR’s son Elliot Roosevelt in  1946, and that the following exchange took place:

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