The Mysterious Case of the Poisonous Painter

Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty is perhaps one of the most effective disinformation agents ever used by our hidden-hands rulers. I say “is” because his work is still used by JFK assassination “experts” like Black Op Radio’s Len Osanic to promote the event as real. Osanic is still running interviews from long ago, before his 2001 death. The JFK assassination is an interminable rabbit hole. I am not going near it with this post.

Instead, Prouty has been used to promote another matter that has had me curious for some years now, the promotion of the idea that Franklin Roosevelt was murdered, poisoned by the “Churchill Gang.” This link will take the reader to the Prouty archive, which is maintained by Osanic. There we learn that Stalin met with FDR’s son Elliot Roosevelt in  1946, and that the following exchange took place:

Elliot Roosevelt: “Why is it that my mother has never been permitted to visit Moscow even though she has made three very formal applications for the trip?”

Stalin: “You don’t know why?”

ER: “No!”

Stalin: “Don’t you know who killed your father?”

ER: “No.”

Stalin: “Well, I’ll tell you why I have not invited her here. As soon as your father died, I asked my ambassador in Washington to go immediately to Georgia with a request to view the body.”

Prouty narrates: “Stalin believed that if Gromyko could see the body he would confirm that the cerebral hemorrhage that had caused his death had caused extensive discoloration and distortion.”

Stalin: “Your mother refused to permit the lid of the coffin to be opened so that my ambassador could see the body. I sent him there three times trying to impress upon your mother that it was very important for him to view the President’s body. She never accepted that. I have never forgiven her.”

ER: “…but why?”

Stalin: “They poisoned your father, of course, just as they have tried repeatedly to poison me.”

ER: “They, who are they?”

Stalin: “The Churchill gang!” They poisoned your father, and they continue to try to poison me…the Churchill gang!”

PortraitAnother disinformation agent, Webster Tarpley, has advanced the notion that Roosevelt was poisoned by Elizabeth Shoumatoff, a Russian painter who was famous for her unfinished portrait of him. Apparently security around the man was so loose that he was left alone with a woman sent to murder him. We should assume the obvious, that those assigned the security of the president know about poisoning as a means of killing him. That could not have happened.

The most interesting facet of this body of information is that it was published in the February 9, 1986 edition of Parade Magazine. That is the Sunday insert in newspapers across the nation, which currently has circulation of 32 million and readership of 54 million. This tells me that the information is meant to be in wide circulation, even among those who read Marilyn vos Savant, the woman with the highest recorded IQ on record, 228, and who has a weekly column in that tabloid*.

So what is up here? Several things are worth mentioning.

First, our friend Josh wrote a two part series at the Mathis site on the Business Plot, the supposed conspiracy among Wall Street moguls to execute a coup d’état against FDR. His conclusion, there was no plot. That story was circulated to spread the idea that Roosevelt had powerful enemies on Wall Street, and to enhance his support in the population as a real reformer. He was their friend, their supporter, their relative. More importantly, Wall Street supported him.

This story, which I call The Mysterious Case of the Poisonous Painter, had a similar intent, and is misdirection. It was put in Parade Magazine to give it circulation, and to allow people in power to deny it even as it lingers. I mentioned it to Josh, and he (rightly, I think) decided not to mention it, as it led a different direction than he was going.

Here is the direction I think it points: FDR, after three terms in office, was tired and wanted out. The powers behind the throne were not yet ready to let him go, as big events were on the horizon (Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Yalta, Nuremburg, the secreting of the leaders of the Third Reich to the U.S. and South America, for starts) and they needed absolute control of the presidency. So they made a deal with him – run for a fourth term, and we will get you out.

To do that they needed to get their man in place as Vice President, Harry Truman. Disinformation agent Oliver Stone did a twelve-part series on TV, The Untold History of the United States, which lionized Roosevelt’s second Vice President, Henry A. Wallace. He then implied that Wallace was removed at the 1944 Democratic Convention by a backroom deal to get Truman into office, and against both Wallace’s and FDR’s will.

But think about it – if FDR was an actor and a fake, it is highly unlikely his Vice President, who indeed might by illness or accident become president, was anything more than an actor. Why was Truman brought in over Wallace? Perhaps he was thought to be more controllable, as he was a man with many skeletons hidden away in the back of his haberdashery. Who can know.

I have thought for a long time that I want to write a post about how FDR was yet another president who faked his death, in addition to Lincoln and JFK. I decided that might indeed be the case, and that it is interesting, but not terribly important. An actor was removed from the stage and the understudy got the part. Truman became yet another president who held office with the distinction of never having actually won an election. He has this in common with Gerald R. Ford and George W. Bush. (And JFK?)

In the meantime, the business of the country, run by the same hidden hands, went on uninterrupted.

*I wonder about that as well, her reported IQ. She could be a Snopes-like confidence booster for the lies of our times.

18 thoughts on “The Mysterious Case of the Poisonous Painter

  1. The promotion of the xray by William McKinley was a nobel act. He was a death faking president we, as Americans, can be proud of.


  2. The 228IQ was obtained when she was a child. The IQ of children is a bit less reliable since some kids develop faster plus other factors. On the wiki page they mention a 186IQ from the Mega test (SD16, which is about 181 for SD15). They also mention some doubts regarding the Mega Test and the “IQ is useless” booshit. I would say that the IQ is most reliable in the 70-130 range (SD 15). I am no IQ worshiper, but I also see that it has real meaning (especially cultural fair tests like the Raven’s Progressive Matrices test).

    I was not aware of this FDR conspiracy. He was the WW2 president, so they created a lot of narratives around him.


    1. I don’t know much about the tests, but know that they are on the lookout for talent – not to create a meritocracy, but in search of faithful servants of wealth, people to do our science and serve bureaucratic functions (me, an accountant), and at the lower levels to be soldiers and journalists. They do try to spot us and track us early and testing raw ability is one way.

      I regard an essential element of high intelligence to be a very good memory, followed by some ability to sort data and prioritize it. Any police detective will tell you that solving crimes is not a matter of evidence, as they are usually overwhelmed with evidence. It is the ability to determine what is significatw by connecting dots.


  3. I remember reading or hearing about this from either Tarpley or one of his former LaRouche groupies. Before I started reading Miles, I had, like Miles, been a listener of the controlled opposition, Alex Jones. When I grew suspicious of him, because of his pushing of Republicans, vitamins and the end of the world as we know it, I started listening to Tarpley and then the LaRouche gang. Two of the LaRouche heroes are Lincoln and Roosevelt, of course. Both of these characters were highly suspect to me before I became enamored with the LaRouche crowd, Lincoln because of books like “The Real Lincoln” (which in itself is a propaganda piece) and Roosevelt because I grew up with a father that despised Roosevelt for the obvious things and always referred to his New Deal as the “Raw Deal.”

    Anyway, I’m sitting here now staring at my autographed copy of Elliott Roosevelt’s book “As He Saw It.” The frontispiece says “To all who believed in my Father.” Hmm… right. The forward is by Eleanor Roosevelt and this book came to me with a newspaper clipping from the Chicago Sun, dated October 6, 1946 with a short article saying that Elliott would be at Marshall Field & Co. with his wife, Actress Faye Emerson, to autograph copies of his new book. The clipping has a photo of he and Faye (she looks like a prop who’s thinking: “Do I have to do this?”) Of course he’d marry a movie star, no doubt from one of the famous rich families who are all related. Note the name “Emerson” (wonder if she’s related to Ralph Waldo Emerson).

    Anyway, I used to prize this book, but now I see it as a complete propaganda piece. Perhaps it was actually written by his father on some Island, where he was later a neighbor to the Kennedys, Elvis and Monroe (haha). His father is portrayed as a freedom-loving British & Churchill hater. The books ends with a mention of Lincoln and a rally to citizens everywhere that their duty and power lay in American Democracy and that we should trust the President and work for freedom… blah, blah, blah…

    More power to the people nonsense. Power that they never had. Wikipedia says this about Elliott: “Elliott took an intelligence course and served with the 21st Reconnaissance Squadron at the new U.S. facility in Gander, Newfoundland.” I don’t know how much of his wiki page we can believe, but the intelligence part sounds about right. It also says that around this time he rose to the rank of captain. You can be sure he didn’t served at all in any dangerous capacity. We also find this: “He served as a procurement specialist, navigator, and intelligence and reconnaissance officer and rose to brigadier general by January 1945. Despite having poor eyesight and being classified 4-F (unfit), he also became a pilot and reportedly flew 89 combat missions by the time of his inactivation from the United States Army Air Forces (USAAF) in August 1945.[3]” Sure he did. I do believe the intelligence part.

    All this and the wiki page says that his promotion up the ranks was not due to nepotism. Right! You’ve got to laugh. Who believes this stuff?

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    1. DKuehne:
      My father served in the Air Force in the 1950s and wanted to be a pilot; he was refused that option due to poor eye sight. So no awakened person believes the tripe that is pushed in wiki.

      You have traveled a path many of us have traveled along the path of awakening, falling for some controlled opposition and gradually discarding 99.99%. We take a step forward and sometimes steps backwards. I read Miles Mathis as well and although he generates his share of controversy and skepticism, he changed my life. My suggestion is to throw away the Elliott Roosevelt book and consider it an act of disobedience! You will feel refreshed and renewed. I’ve done that with books that I now know to be propaganda – they get tossed in the recycling bin.

      Keep up the good work.

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  4. In one of Miles’ papers he describes the process of first listening to and then discarding a succession of disinformation sources. He uses an analogy of climbing a hill and encountering a series of new enticing characters that pop up and try to distract you from your search. Each one providing a modicum of truth but, in the end, only lead one astray (or try to). I wish I could find that quote but I don’t remember which of his papers it is in.


      1. That was a great paper. I could really identify with Miles because it took me about 40 years to wake up also and I bumped into a lot of the same controlled characters as he did.


    1. That was a great paper! It resonated with me and I understood it completely. The way to truth and freedom is a lonely, narrow path.


  5. “if FDR was an actor and a fake”? Come on, how couldn’t he? None of them ever was for real. The entire idea of creation of the USA came out of the French Revolution. It’s TPTB working all the time.


    1. Yes, they were and are all just actors… from the beginning of the foundation/formation of this country run by the same British Crypto-Jewish thugs from the peerage who fake all the science, art, history, education and everything else—all this and the formation of this country is one grand hoax.

      Don’t even bother with the Constitution and all the rest—including voting because it’s there to distract you and give you the illusion of power. We’re all on a plantation and we’re all slaves—loving our servitude—because they’ve strapped the feedbag of “entertainment” and time-wasting drivel to our necks which keeps our heads down and in a genuflecting survival mode. Anything to keep us from looking up and seeing the truth right in front of us. Of course most of us here have woken up to this painful truth.

      The Revolutionary War was a ruse and the stories of Washington in battle are just that—stories. It’s all theater. When you watch a movie that is “Based upon true events” you know you’re watching theater based upon more theater. Movies, TV and the never-ending fake news are like blinders to keep you on track—on their track. People have been brainwashed from a very early age to “love their country” and be good citizens—to be “patriotic.”

      I heard a “liberal” young girl in her 30’s at an open mic last night say that she has given up with the protests and the politics because it doesn’t work. That’s a huge step in the right direction, but I think most of the crowd didn’t like that because they’re still “believers” and this outsider is rocking their political boat. She now says that all she can do is help the poor and love people—and she now says she’s homeless herself. Welcome to the Brave New (Old) World.

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      1. I would still recommend the Anti-Federalists papers as a good reading. I read only about 25 papers a few years ago. One of them is even conspiratorial, talking about the Order/Society of the Cincinnati. They still have good ideas about a proper government and they have good criticism of the constitution. Actually , these papers made me more suspicious of the US Constitution. I believe that the first criticism of the constitution I heard was from Michael Tsarion. But the ideas presented by Tsarion were a bit obscure. The ideas from the Anti-Federalist papers are more to the point. The historian Charles Beard wrote “An economic interpretation of the Constitution”, but I assume the book is mostly misdirection.


      2. Aren’t the British Crypto-Jews all descended from French lines? Royals, Presidents, Oscar winners, etc all go back to Frenchies like William the Conqueror, Henry II, John Plantagenet, et al. Macron seems to me to have sprung out from nowhere to become head of France, like the sportswear company of the same name.


          1. I saw an episode of Who Do You Think You Are? some years since about the UK Rower Matthew Pinsent and they apparently traced to his family tree back to GOD! I wished I’d recorded it now. He’s related to kings, and then I think they jumped to King David then God, but it that’s from memory. Queen Victoria stated she could trace her lines to King David as well.
            (I noticed Madonna had a lot of French sounding names in her family tree, back to the 16th Century with Moreau as in Jeanne Moreau, actress)


          2. The book “The God-Kings of Europe” by Hugh Montgomery can be useful . He has other interesting books. Ralph Ellis can also be useful. I would only add that you should expect a lot of misdirection from both. Montgomery mentions in his books that he belongs to the Norman family Montgomery and that he is friend with members from other elite families. You can also find a lot of Ellis in the peerage.


      3. Dkuehne: great comment. I live on the “left coast” where many are puffed up with their own political self importance. Lots of resist and march for our lives antics. What few get is that we should be all joining up to march against the rulers behind the curtain, not their public puppets. It took a long time for me to wake up too so this is what I do to maintain sanity: work on myself trying to be the best person I can be; be of service where I am guided; eschewing politics; shunning MSM, corporate music, corporate sports. It can be a lonely life but the inner life is enhanced, that is for sure. I agree with Miles that we could hit the controllers in the pocket book and that is what I try to do personally. I just wish more would join me in this quiet, reflective, non materialist way of life ;-). Lucky for me, my sons are awake and know the utter futility of going to wars on foreign soils for the controllers so they and their children will not be joining the military. (Fingers crossed for the grandkids). And we are the offspring of those who served. Now what would the controllers do if a majority refused to go to war for them? There’s a lot of sabre rattling over N Korea and my sons are afraid their brethren and younger generation will join up to go get ‘em! Playing right into, once again, the hands of the amoral elite.

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