One point of clarification before I move on with my life. I described the vehicle I saw parked at the Miles Mathis residence as a “golf cart.” I did not know how else to describe it. But that is not accurate. It was something like the above vehicle, and was blue, as I recall. It did not say “police” or have light bars or anything like that. In the town where I grew up, the people who enforced parking laws used them. We called them “meter maids” because they were all Lovely Ritas.

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Best evidence

I have been sitting on this for months now, not sure what to make of it. Could it be … could it be that the crime of the twentieth century had been solved by a portrait artist who also thinks his own thoughts while painting?

This blog post is the result of an 80-page paper written by Miles W. Mathis, “The Hidden King(s): Camelot ruled from the cave of Merlin.” He first published in in 2007, and not too many people know about it. I have read the paper now four times. I am interested in the whole of the work, and have developed respect for Mathis as an honest man with a keen intellect. That does not make him right about everything, and I am careful now to separate fact from speculation.

When I first became interested in solving the murder of John F. Kennedy back in the late 1980’s, the most important work I came upon was a book called “Best Evidence,” by David Lifton. The author was (is) an insatiable investigator who ran down leads not pursued before, talked to people long ignored. He came up with a theory that between Dealey Plaza and Bethesda, Maryland, the body of John F. Kennedy had been surgically altered.

In crime speak, the term “best evidence” refers to the body of the victim in a murder investigation. It holds all the clues. If indeed the body had been altered, then the crime could be traced to those powerful enough to control it and perform the alterations. Gruesome as they were, Lifton found it necessary to show the public “leaked” photographs of the JFK corpse from the autopsy room. His work was groundbreaking and important … but wait a minute, said Mathis. What body?

The photo beneath the fold here might shock you if you’ve not seen it before, but relax. The man in the photo, according to Mathis, is not JFK, and is not even dead. In fact, Mathis presents us with a string of deaths for which no bodies were ever produced, and for which we have no credible evidence of the means or even the fact of death.

They are:

  • Joseph Patrick Kennedy Jr., oldest son of Joseph Kennedy Sr., supposedly killed in a explosion aboard a drone in the waning days of World War II. No body [the explosion conveniently caught on film].
  • Kathleen Kennedy, daughter of Joseph, supposedly killed in a plane crash in France in 1948, though none but Joe Sr. in the family thought it important to attend the funeral. No body.
  • John F. Kennedy, supposedly killed in Dealey Plaza in 1963, but as Mathis demonstrates and defends, no body. The man in the photo beneath the fold here, says Mathis, is a close lookalike, but a man in his thirties who is alive.
  • Robert F. Kennedy, supposedly killed in Los Angeles in 1968, but again, no body. As seen in the second photo beneath the fold here, what we have is a paste-up photo of RFK’s head superimposed on another body, held in place by a cuff and an invisible hand. (The necktie around the neck, says Mathis, is used to mask the paste-up job.) (In fact, we were never shown photos of the corpse, and the autopsy photos given us years later were drawings!) Other photos from that night (? – if taken that night) are fraught with inconsistencies and anomalies.
  • John F. Kennedy Jr., supposedly killed in a small plane crash in 1999, again, no body (cremated, ashes dumped in the ocean, so no DNA). John-John swims with Osama, another famous death for which we had no body.

It may seem gruesome and intrusive, but with no bodies, we have no proof of death.

I will not repeat Mathis’s work here. This was shocking to me, and surely to anyone reading this. Once over that hump, examine the work for yourself. If you don’t read the paper (the equivalent of a 200 page book), please don’t comment.

That is one strange family, this Kennedy clan. Five deaths, zero bodies.

I am staying away from speculation as to why these deaths would be faked, but Mathis has a theory and I have respect enough for for his intellect to put it in the kettle and let it come to a boil. The one thing that this man has demonstrated that is clear enough for me is this: we do not have bodies for five deaths, and therefore do not have proof of deaths.

Shocking. All these years trying to figure out who killed these people, forgetting to ask for the best evidence. Silly me. But after months of rumination, and years of suspecting we would never get to the bottom of these crimes, I wonder if this portrait artist has solved the non-crimes of the last century.

I am going to click the “publish” button here, and then wait for all the lightweights who don’t read but seem to know everything anyway to have at me. I am used to it, but then again, not. It is still annoying. Shit. Here we go.

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