The Pulse Nightclub massacre one year later

Like so many, I suffer from mass shooting fatigue. Every one I have ever looked at was easily seen to be fake. People are naturally repulsed by human suffering, and yet drawn to its edge. It is the revulsion, our essential goodness, that prevents us from making investigative inquiry.

The amount of planning that goes into each event is extensive. Given the details involved in constructing fake lives for 49 fake people, it is surely the work of scores, if not hundreds of people. As with advertising, the beating heart of fake massacres is behavioral psychology. Add to that script writers, photo manipulation experts, location scouts, drill planners, and Crisis Actors.

It might help the reader at the outset here to understand that while the Pulse massacre of June 12, 2016 was a fake event, no illegal act was committed. No one was killed. Lies were told aplenty, but that is not illegal. No law requires news outlets to tell us the truth. If there were such laws, “news” would quickly disappear, replaced by some other form of entertainment.

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