Canadians are (gasp!) happy with their health care system, and don’t want ours

By over a ten to one margin, Canadians prefer their own health care system over ours (82%-8%). 70% of them are either fairly satisfied, or very satisfied with the system.

These are the results of a Harris/Decima poll published on July 5.

It points out an interesting phenomenon – if you asked any typical conservative, he would tell you that Canadians are plagued by waiting queues and flood down here to the states for fancy American medical care. They aren’t, and they don’t.

But most Americans have limited access to information about health care in other countries. The British, the French, Taiwanese, Canadians and Cubans — all of them all the way down the line don’t want our system. But here in this country information is filtered, and we only hear of unhappy Canucks and Brits. I( doubt that the above survey gained a mention on any American TV network, and damned few newspapers.

Of course there are problems in each of these countries, and conservatives, who know very little of their systems, are quick to point out the problems. Canadians do have waiting queues for some non-critical procedures. That’s a big complaint up there, but not so much that they want to sacrifice their system for ours. The British system is underfunded. Cuba is poor, and cannot afford expensive technology. But according to WHO, each is doing better than the US in delivering care.

By the way, Canada’s health system is run at the provincial level, and the worst-performing province is Quebec. This is where most complaints about their system originate.

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8 Responses to Canadians are (gasp!) happy with their health care system, and don’t want ours

  1. goof houlihan says:

    I’m happy with mine and don’t want yours either.


  2. Mark t says:

    Point taken. It’ s a response to these people who keep telling us how bad Canadians have it – without consulting them.

    Point to remember – as you get older, insurance companies will want less to do with you. If you get sick, they will do anything they think they can get away with to dump you. Your security is an illusion


  3. Don Adams says:

    Ah, the French…


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  5. ctl says:

    Take trash collection for example, I would rather have a city use a portion of our taxes to contract or provide the service rather than let everybody contract with a separate garbage collector. Its the perfect balance between government and the private sector, the government has a big bucks contract that can make or break a private company who is also in competition with other private companies for the contract. That is how Medicare Part D works. If you laugh at the Medicare Part D example, look at some of the aftermat of Medicare Part D, within one year of its inception, major pharmacies at Walmart and Target offered $5 co-pay on most prescription drugs just like Part D offered, why ? I suppose because they didn’t want to loose business to the government Medicare Part D. Some seniors now forego Medicare Part D and rely soley on cheap prices at Walmart. Not only that but insurance companies now make millions selling Medicare supplement policies.


  6. Mike says:


    I just wanted to say that as a red tory (social liberal, fiscal conservative) here in Canada, I wouldn’t trade our health care for anything short of a guaranteed 300 year lifespan. I would say that everyone I’ve met, conservative or otherwise, wants to get rid of our system, even though a supreme court decision overturned the monopoly of government provided health care (Chaoulli v. Quebec).

    So no, not all conservatives argue in favour of a privatized health care system.


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