It gets tiresome. There’s no substance! It’s a fricking desert out there!

People are now analyzing election results and vote-counting. Some elections are “very important” but we don’t really know why. Control of Congress is a big issue, especially the Senate, but we don’t know why!

The Democrats will soon vote to allow continuation of the filibuster rule, thereby negating their majority. Obama will now openly pursue the Neocon agenda, including aggressive war, torture, detention and attacks on civil liberties. The mere label “Democrat,” the thinnest of disguises, hides it from view.

Next comes austerity, including attacks on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. In 2014 we’ll be forced to pay exorbitant premiums to private corporations for crappy insurance and we will no longer be allowed to talk about it. That is settled, now, and health care is fixed. (Remember they said that we need to pass that crappy bill so we can come back and fix it later? It’s just a start, they said. Force that issue on them, demand that they start fixing it. See where it gets you.)

It is all happening before their eyes, and they are happy about it! At least the mean old Republicans didn’t win those doggoned elections!!! Sheeeeit! Republicans really would have screwed us!

The following is called “show business.”

Trust me. Karl Rove is not unhappy about this election. The Neocons are still in charge. This is, as I understand it, being called a “meltdown.” It’s nothing of the kind. It’s actually nothing. As with Howard Dean’s “I have a scream” speech, without TV anchors to explain our perceptions to us, we don’t know what to think. And when Karl Rove is unhappy (he’s not even a very good actor), then Democrats know they should be happy. Do you ever feel even a tad manipulated?

TV is not a source of news. It is our reality. We are a mindless nation of zombie-followers. I’m 62. There are far more people who are younger than me than older. But if you have by chance been around longer, please tell me: Has it always been like this? Have Americans always been this way?

About Mark Tokarski

Just a man who likes to read, argue, and occasionally be surprised.
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9 Responses to Zombieland

  1. Fogey says:

    It’s been like this since TV took over, back in the mid-50’s. It was an experiment then, but it’s science now.


  2. steve kelly says:

    Wasn’t it Moses who first said: “Don’t believe everything you read?”

    No, it was: “Like the nations the LORD destroyed before you, so you will be destroyed for not obeying the LORD your God.”

    Or was that Obama to Pakistani and Iranian leaders?


  3. Thought I’d run this by you, Mark –

    Lockheed Martin and the CIA both lose their leaders to illicit affairs in quick succession after the election. I know your thoughts on affairs and entrapment of powerful men. Coincidence?


    • Of course there is more there than we are being told. When a vapid talking head explains it to me, I’ll be an an informed citizen, just like you!


      • Oh and I almost forgot, the Russian defense minister goes down for corruption. The head of the world’s largest intelligence agency, the world’s largest defense corporation, and the world’s third largest military, all gone in what, a week and a half? Sounds as though something could be up.


        • Big Johansson says:

          All part of the master plan.


        • Well, if you saw it on TV, PW, it is true. You just have to wait for them to tell you why. Please pass along that truth wisdom when you receive it.


        • This might interest you – according to RT, Patreus’ mistress suggested in a speech last month that they were running one of their secret prisons at the Benghazi site. This would mean that she had revealed classified information, and so he had to go. I guess. I don’t know how that works in power circles.

          It’s fairly clear that powerful men do not step down for having affairs, but that if the media choose to hype an affair, that indeed there is something up. I mean, imagine if every man in DC having an affair had to step down – there’d be no one left to turn out the lights.


          I know you’re diddling me, thinking I see conspiracy behind very rock, so I think this is kind of funny – indeed there is far more going on here than the talking heads tell us. As is usually the case. In an oligarchy, government cannot be done in the open.


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