Dan Froomkin, American journalist, comes perilously close to committing thoughtcrime, recovers in time

Froomkin: Nearly committed a thought crime, quickly corrected himself.

Froomkin: Nearly committed a thought crime, quickly corrected himself.

Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury and one of the founders of what came to be known as “Reaganomics.” Although he has apparently not done much reading about all of the details to emerge about 9/11, he did cross that line, expressing skepticism, and never retreated.

… Every time I write a column that is the truth or the truth as I am able to discover it, instead of hawking the propaganda line, I move up on the list of those who are persona non grata in the Empire.

Consequently, the words below are posted on the English language version of a French blog, and nowhere in The US.

Not too long ago a writer or reporter for the Huffington Post discovered to his surprise that Pat Buchanan and I disagreed with all the wars that had been launched to protect us from terrorism. He asked me for an interview, and I agreed.

An hour or so after the interview was posted on the Huffington Post, I received an emergency call or email. He had been criticized for interviewing me, “for giving you a forum when you are a 9/11 sceptic.” He was unsure that it was possible for a Reagan presidential appointee to be a 9/11 sceptic and asked if I was.

I replied that I had reported the findings of scientists, architects, engineers, and the public testimony of first responders, because I thought these were qualified people whose opinions at least ranked equally with the politicians on the 9/11 Commission and the talking heads on Fox “News” and CNN, none of whom could pass a high school test in the laws of physics, much less high-rise architecture and structural engineering.

The Huffington Post writer panicked. Instead of taking down the interview, he felt impelled to assure readers and his boss that he had been deceived. He wrote at the beginning and ending of the interview that he did not know he was interviewing someone about the Iraq War who had given ink to those conspiracy theorists who raised questions about the truthfulness of the US government. He wrote that my views on the wars should be disregarded, because I wrote that scientists, architects, engineers, and first responders provided evidence contrary to the government’s.

The writer is Dan Froomkin and I don’t know why Roberts pulls his punches. I do imagine that Froomkin spends evenings on his hands and knees furtively crawling about looking for his testicles. I cannot begin to describe my contempt for this lowly coward. (Here’s the piece.)

FroomkinHonestly, ladies and gentlemen, there is a force at work here. Froomkin is scared. He is accused of “offering a forum” to a “skeptic.” Zounds! What is this force? How does it extend its power to the lower reaches of journalism?

Better yet, why do you, the readers, feel this force? You know you do. It is resident among us. You are fearful of looking, wondering, using your critical faculties. You self-censor. I did as much for a long time, and have even changed my handle and personal information here, as I have to apply for a visa later this year and wonder if Homeland Security is tracking “skeptics,” even on tiny blogs.

Ours is an oppressive culture. We are a totalitarian state now, filled with armed police watching us at every event, and scared citizens peeing their pants at every noise. It’s over. The country, that is. It’s over. The future is unknown, but it will not be like the past. Those were different people, braver people.

In the end, folks, it is up to us. We have got to stop being afraid. I could care less about terrorists, as they hardly exist and mostly work for us. But I do fear our own cops and thugs; the moles and technicians trying to tap into our every word, checking us out as we enter public buildings, little Deputy Barney Fife’s locked and loaded.

This is, if you are not familiar with the term, “fascism.” Our enemies are all domestic, and those sworn to protect the Constitution from them are not doing so. They are probably afraid, or like Obama, our faux bonhomme.
Here’s one group doing their part, an unexpected source, a group of people risking life, liberty and sacred honor for our ideals. They are called “Oath Keepers.” If you are active or former military and love your country, give them a look, but be wary. It could be a PSYOP designed to ferret out undesirables. Eternal vigilance …

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