9/11 update

imageI have not debased myself by publicly doubting the official 9/11 story for some time now. It’s time for a progress report. Here’s what I have learned in the subsequent months since I ‘came out.’

  • The “Truth” movement is itself a PSYOP. Those who planned the events of that day were also smart enough to plan a cover-up, and the Truth Movement is part of it.
  • Leaders of that movement include “gatekeepers,” among them Richard Gage of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, who has led people down the blind alley of “controlled demolition.”
  • Another is Stephen Jones, the former BYU physics professor whose particular blind alley is nano-thermites.

  • Oddly, this same Stephen Jones was part of a two-man publicity force that undid the Pons-Fleischmann experiments of the 1989. The other, science journalist Gary Taubes, since moved on to nutrition.
  • Another gatekeeper is James Fetzer, a loudmouth who does radio interviews and founded Scholars for 9/11 Truth. His particular blind alley is called “mini-nukes,” supposedly small and controllable devices detonated in the basements of the Twin Towers that day. He also claims that Building Seven was controlled demolition.
  • Fetzer’s particular talent appears to be sowing dissent, pitting people against one another. With Dr. Judy Wood, who I decided to trust, he has spread rumors that she had a sexual affair with John Hutchinson of the Hutchinson Effect* fame. He also claimed that she sent a bomb threat to a meeting of “Truthers” in Seattle, this via a cohort of his, Donald Fox. He offered no evidence. It was an ass-pull.
  • Wood was originally drawn into Scholars, but withdrew once she realized it was a sinkhole. Since that time he has called her a “guru” and claimed that anyone who follows her work and gives her credibility is a member of a “cult.”
  • Then there is John Lear, of the Lear Jet family, CIA and military, retired. He’ll tell you anything you want to know about 9/11 and every other crime that has gone down in his lifetime.
  • Then, at the end of the day, he’ll tell you that there’s a colony on the dark side of the moon, people living underground. He has a Disney-created image of a pearly blue building on the moon at his website that he claims is real. And for real, he wears a tin foil hat.
  • His blind alley: associate with him and you are certifiably crazy.
  • Another gatekeeper, sadly, appears to be Thom Hartmann. He will allow discussion of 9/11 on his radio broadcast, otherwise verboten on the airwaves. But that only extends to the Richard Gage A&E group, a blind alley.
  • I would suspect that Hartmann is just dumb, but he also allowed his name to be used along with LaMar Waldron in preparing a book that was made into a movie to be released later this year, Legacy of Secrecy, which will pin the JFK assassination on the mob.
  • I fell for the L-of-S ploy. If I was wrong then, I can be wrong now. It is important to be accepting of new information. Never settle permanently.
  • Why would Hartmann do what he does, if he is also a smart guy? There are three ways to control someone’s behavior: Threats, bribes, and persuasion.
  • Hartmann got a huge bump when his radio show was moved to Washington DC and also simulcast on TV every day. I’m thinking bribe.

There’s only a few people I trust that speak of 9/11, among them Peter Dale Scott, Dr. Judy Wood, Andrew Johnson, Morgan Reynolds, Webster Tarpley, and Richard Hall. Of these, Wood, Johnson and Tarpley urge people to move forward, and avoid the 9/11 Truth sinkhole. We’ll never know who the people behind the crime were, as they are too powerful to be held accountable.

Wood is particularly enamored of the energy source used that day, saying that directed energy has the potential to free us from carbon-based energy.

By the way, directed energy is quite real.

I cannot help but be curious about the “how” of the events of that day.

  • The most curious of all things happening that day was the hurricane off of Long Island that was not even broadcast to residents.
  • It headed due north for four days, defying predictions of change of course.
  • It came to rest off of Manhattan at around 8AM on 9/11/2001.
  • Later in the day is made a 90 degree turn east and headed out to sea.
  • Wood agrees that the hurricane was not going to make landfall given a large high pressure front headed east towards it that day. She only wonders why, given that Manhattan is at sea level, that people were not warned of swells. Manhattan could have flooded that day.
  • It is difficult for me to understand, but the hurricane is not a source of energy, per se. It is a force field. Wood’s specialty is interferometry, or the behavior of materials in force fields under certain effects.
  • Wrap a wire around a nail and attach it to a battery, and the nail becomes a magnet. That’s a “field effect.”
  • We have all seen pictures of straws and two-by-fours driven into trees by tornadoes. Those, says Wood, are field effects.
  • She means that the force of wind could not accomplish that, but molecular disassociation/re-binding could, and that is one effect of interferometry, or the Hutchinson Effect.
  • We’ve seen pictures of cars flying through the air in tornadoes, or coming to rest atop each other or trees. That phenomenon again is not the force of wind, but rather levitation, or the Hutchinson Effect.
  • The Hurricane Erin force field extended to at least to Newark, La Guardia, and JFK airports that day.
  • Though the weather was clear and beautiful, all three airports reported lightning and thunder.
  • At the time that the North Tower “got its hole” (there were no planes), there was a huge shift in the earth’s magnetic field, as recorded in Alaska. Readings returned to normal after the collapse of Building Seven.

I have exceeded my understanding of events, but want to end on a somewhat humorous note. Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth list as their objective that we have a “new investigation” of 9/11. Dr. Wood says hey – you’re architects and engineers. Do your own damned investigation! Any official investigation will only be another cover-up.

9/11 is over, they got away with it, but the recent failure to mount aggression against Syria indicates that we are hopefully at the end of the 9/11 era. Starting with Iraq in 1991, annexation of Eastern Europe into NATO, aggression against Serbia in 1999, Afghanistan in 2001, Iraq in 2003, Libya and 2011, the US has put other powers on notice of its intentions. Russia, China, Syria, Iran, even little North Korea have taken this to heart. Russia especially has built up its military forces, and due to this fact alone Syria was spared a massacre. The Russians sat by sadly watching as their Serbian brothers were bombed in 1999. Never again.

That’s where I’m at, trying to move forward.
*”The Hutchison Effect is primarily a “Field Effect”, seemingly created by a poorly understood interaction between electrostatic, magnetic and radio frequency fields.”

19 thoughts on “9/11 update

    1. I personally know Richard Gage and he is NOT a gatekeeper. He is sincere in getting the information out to the public that 9/11 was an INSIDE JOB. Part of the job of the Truth Movement is to expose to the public/masses that something is terribly wrong and we need to look for the truth, not the propaganda by the Media and government.

      That said, I like Judy Wood’s explanation of 9/11 the best. I am sure the PTB have high technology that we are not aware of and 9/11/2001 was likely their preview to us of that technology. Don’t think they won’t use it again. They will bring out their toys again. Perhaps in a planned WWIII? in which they plan to bring in global government?


  1. NFL (not effing likely). All of this conspiracy nonsense reminds me of someone who would throw a box of electronic parts off a building and they would assemble themselves into a computer when they hit the ground. Just not going to happen. Sure there can be some small scale misdirections but nothing of the magnitude you accept.


    1. We cannot figure out why, even as the evidence is so painfully obvious, people cannot see it. It’s is remarkable thought control, images and ideas planted in your mind when you were in a terrified state still remain unshaken after 12 years. The evidence against the official story is overwhelming. It’s not even close. But the state owns your mind.

      [It is called “trauma-based mind control,” where you have disassociated a part of your brain containing the events of that day, and because you we’re in a state of shock, you are unable to revisit your memories of that day, as they are registered in your subconscious and so are inaccessible. That’s why it’s called a “PSYOP”. They basically made a schizophrenic out of you.]

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    2. Um, craig, perhaps YOU’D be so kind as to inform us as to how building seven collapsed? Be scientific though. It was an inside job, probably with Mossad help.


      1. Here’s one for you, Larry: Building seven was 47 stories, and when it fell it left no seismic footprint. A quarry north of there registered seismic activity for mere TNT explosions. But a 47 story building, none. If you think it was controlled demolition, why no debris? Why no footprint?


          1. Agreed, and once we have it figured out, new evidence comes along. Best to move forward. It’s a curiosity at this point, and the American public, bought in during trauma, will not be bought out.


  2. Mark, the photo you have at the top of the article is a photo of Hurricane Erin on Sept. 9th, with the checkmark being Bermuda. Also, the link below, in addition to containing your photo, has some CNN stories talking about rough seas and warnings. I think that the 9/11 story controversy holds together without the need for a hurricane intervention… 😉 Being a long time tropical weather watcher, I just thought a little clarification is in order. Oh, and the link is to Dr. Judy Wood’s site, so it’s trustworthy…???



    1. Thanks. Grabbed the wrong one. I will fix it.

      [PS:Someone else reminded me frequently that CNN covered the hurricane on their website. It was the big guns, the local affiliates of the Networks and big independents in New York that ignored the hurricane, and those are the outlets that people relied on for news. So hardly anyone knew about a hurricane off the coast that day.]


    2. Yeah, Woods has dealt with the same advice. The problem is that the hurricane is like an elephant. It is big, it is there, and no one knows about it. If what we witnessed that day was directed energy with interferometry, the hurricane provided the necessary force field.

      It also introduces the idea of the ability to control weather to some degree, and I agree. People who think jet planes and kerosine caused the buildings to collapse are not going to even be able to see it. That is how the mind works. Before we can see it, we need to envision its possibility. That’s why I say – it’s done, they got away with it. Syria gives me hope that the 9/11 era is ending.


  3. This is a good summary overall – well done on putting it together/working it out. However, please remember it’s Dr Judy Wood not “Woods”. This has become more of a sort-point than it should be. Also, with regard to Webster Tarpley, he seems to have a lot of info and insights – however, he will not talk about what you have posted here. Have you seen this short video clip? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gb5n4Ft3_cA Transcript below:
    I believe that research should be carried out – you cannot ban any research a priori. I’ve always argued for a research sphere separated from a political sphere – and what I think of as the political sphere is what we’ve seen [in his presentation] it has to with for example using 9/11 and the Rogue B52 to get impeachment going – because without 9/11 truth, you cannot defeat Bush politically. So I am always in favour of a political sphere which is separate from a research sphere. For a lot of people in the United States, the research sphere is all there is…

    What do you think of the Directed Energy Weapons scenario?

    Hang on I am getting to it, but the political sphere for me is indispensable. Now, I would never say I won’t co-operate with someone because they have a theoretical difference from me. I don’t think it’s possible to talk about “men from mars”. I don’t recommend blaming it on the action of the holy spirit – much as I like the Holy Spirit -but short of this, I would not have any preclusion. Concerning her theory, I think her theory is something she has failed to prove. I don’t see her successfully proving the “beam” theory and I like Fetzer very much and I try to co-operate with Fetzer on political matters, but I have not been convinced by the Space Laser or Beam Weapons or new Physical Principles argument. So, I think it’s fine for them to continue with this but you have to realise that this is an unproven hypothesis. I think it is not wise if they get a chance to be on television to make that the leading edge. I would not do that….
    Folks can get hold of my free e-book here: http://tinyurl.com/911ftb

    Many thanks.


    1. Thanks. I’ll fix the name. A simple look at a book cover would have brought that to my attention, but I get preoccupied.

      Regarding Tarpley, it’s difficult, as you well know, to judge who is up to what, and why. All I can do is try to judge the results of his work, which has been overall beneficial, in my view. It is critical to understand that the false flag event “accesses government resources” by means of the drill, thereby drawing innocent people into it. Given that critical knowledge, thousands of people are exonerated and we can move forward with faith in the bulk of humanity.

      Often when I mention Tarpley I am reminded of his “LaRouche connection.” I know that name, as he was a serial presidential candidate in my youth, along with George Romney. Beyond that, I don’t know why it matters to people. If he is guilty by association, what is the nature of the guilt?

      Tarpley’s comments on Wood’s inability to “prove” her points is off the mark, of course, as she has not attempted to prove anything in that sense. It seems an innocent remark, that is, he doesn’t come across with Fetzer’s harsh characterizations and bitterness. But as always, it’s a hall of mirrors. If he does politics while Wood does science, there’s no conflict.

      I appreciate that I can listen to and read your work, along with Wood’s and Hall’s, and be spared rancor. Thanks for your calming effect.


      1. Mark, I have to disagree on Tarpley. His insistence on defining the debate ie the use of (or misuse) of “space beams, beams, lasers,” etc appears to me to an intentional effort to obscure the issues and evidence.


        1. I am slow to see things right under my nose, and did not understand that the game now is to direct inquiring minds away from Dr. Wood, which Tarpley is clearly doing with his remarks, eerily similar to one of the Joneses, Alex.


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