Get over it …

The pictures below the fold are from a post from last week, and have stayed in my mind. They are of Mohammad Atta, one of the great criminal conspirators of the new century. He was the one, we were told, who led the 19 hijackers to their meeting with big buildings.

demonic mohammad atta6148701_f260In the spook business, people like Atta are kept in a stable and managed. Often the name is merely a file representing several people under management, with doppelgängers running around using that name. It’s an old trick, part of what is called “sheep dipping,” or laying criminal evidence in the path of an unknowing patsy.

Atta was said to be haunting bars and doing cocaine in Florida before his meeting with destiny. No doubt there was someone down there using that name, just as others were running around taking flying lessons, acting on orders and not knowing why. They were being dipped. Whether it was the same people who were later pinned for 9/11 is inconsequential, but is also unlikely.

It’s plain to see the two Atta photos are of the same person. The eyes, nose, hairline and ears are a perfect match. But in the nightmare photo on the left, his face has been heavily doctored. The eyelids were lowered to give a sinister quality, the facial plate widened. The object was to give the young man a demonic appearance so that he would be part of a national nightmare. The kid in the photo on the right is/was a real person. The one on the left might as well have been Charles Manson or Hannibal Lecter – he was designed to be an archetype, part of the overall PSYOP aspect of 9/11. That person never existed. Only the image did.

imageLee Harvey Oswald had twins running around Dallas. The famous back yard photos are of someone else’s body with Oswald’s head superimposed. CIA was advanced in this type of work long before digital photography made it easy, but even so, it is obvious fakery. That alone is proof of conspiracy, since it had to have been done in advance of the assassination. So too is the Atta fakery evidence of advance planning.

I’ve listened to and read many people who all repeat a common theme – we were all taken in that day, the PSYOP was hugely successful. It was part of “trauma-based mind control.” In the deep state of shock and fear that the television images induced, we were highly suggestible. We would have believed Boris and Natasha did that crime. They merely inserted appropriate villains to justify long-planned military aggression.

An Australian man, Gerard Holmgren, was the first to realize that no planes hit buildings that day. The YouTube video is merely a lecture without effects, quite tedious given his heavy accent. He died shortly after this, in his early thirties, of Bill Hicks-style “aggressive” cancer.

He detailed the TV show from that day. When the first explosion happened in the North Tower, no one had seen a jet airliner. Some thought it was a missile, some a small passenger plane. Most just saw an explosion. The airliner was a product of suggestion – a CNN Vice President was interviewed on TV and said he was walking to work when a huge airliner flew overhead and hit the building. He was the only one who saw it. Later they showed the “Naudet” video of the North Tower explosion. There was no plane – just an explosion, but oddly, people assumed that even though they did not see the plane it must be there, because that is what they said it was … on TV.

That’s all the North Tower was – an explosion and a planted suggestion. For the South Tower there was one image shown that produced mock surprise (or perhaps real, as on-air reporters were watching the same pictures). It was of a monolith and a gray plane that flew behind one of the buildings. Then there was another explosion. That was the only video of the second “plane” shown, easily seen now to be a cartoon image. It was run all day long. Later that evening new videos appeared, hastily Photoshopped during the day to plant the image of cartoon planes into the footage of real explosions.

Because of the suggested first plane and the second plane, obviously a cartoon, were seen as real by viewers, the third event at the Pentagon, for which we have never been shown footage, was merely said to be an airliner. That’s all that was needed, and and even though the hole was far too small, the suggested story carried the day. For the fourth “plane” we weren’t even shown images, but merely told a far-fetched story of passenger revolt and suicide crash. We were so bought in by that time that no images were needed. Just suggestion.

Two of the purported hijacked airliners were not scheduled to fly that day, and a pilots’ group* suggests that the other two were in the air over northern Pennsylvania after the towers exploded. Real explosions, one suggested plane, one cartoon plane, a hole and a heroic story – due to our traumatized state and the power of suggestion, we bought it all. Later Mohammad Atta, the horrible demon in the upper left photo, was shown to us. Osama bin Laden, merely a face at that time, became an evil archetype as well. But it was the Atta photo that put the real scare of Arabs in us.

PSYOP – that’s how it was done. It’s been twelve years now folks. Time to shake it off. yes, Americans do this shit, as we have bad people living here just like everywhere else. We are not the exception.
The group, “Pilots for 9/11 Truth” is suspect, sadly, as any group with “9/11 Truth” in its name is probably meant to confuse and obfuscate, part of the ongoing coverup.

5 thoughts on “Get over it …

  1. Obama’s U.N. speech was chilling affirmation of Empire’s neocon-dominated obsession with perpetual war for oil and other stolen treasure. Obama is fast becoming a real contender to surpass Kissinger’s all-time record for mass murder and global terror by a Nobel Peace Prize winner. Will the real terrorists please stand up?


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