Masked Bundy’s

The Syria standoff has been a source of hope. I’m encouraged that the US attack on civilization that started in September of 2011 may have lost its steam. If I were religious, this would be my prayer.

One of the indications is the new public posture the Russians have taken. They have assumed the moral high ground. In his New York Times op-ed, Vladimir Putin lectured the US administration about democracy, the United Nations charter, and made reference to God in his closing lines.

Why the op-ed was even allowed to appear is another thread, as it indicates a crack in the fissure of our oligarchical structure. Power is cloaked and resides in various centers, and here one center sent a message in coded form to the White House to stand down. Putin might be a player or a pawn, but the message was clear. In Syria, they had been outfoxed.

Putin also publicly called John Kerry a liar. I took some encouragement from that, for even though all politicians lie and diplomacy is just another form, Kerry seems an especially despicable man. Like George H.W. Bush and Dick Cheney, he’s creepy down to his shoes, some kind of Ted Bundy-like monster residing within. Nonetheless, in diplomatic circles, using the “l” word is usually a sign of retreat. In this case the US so overplayed its hand that it signaled a victory dance.

That was colossal stupidity by the US players, and no doubt Kerry is done, Obama is gelded, and the world is safer for a while as the US formulates new plans for chaos and searches for new domestic actors.

Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov recently said that the situation in Syria was “guided chaos,” and that the US is currently trying to “bribe” Russia into agreeing to a military attack on Syria. The Russians have presented evidence to UN inspectors that the shells used in the attack were Soviet-made from back in the 1970’s. Since Syria possesses far more sophisticated weaponry made in the 1990’s, they labeled use of these shells as a crude attempt to lay blame on the Assad regime for a what was really deliberate act of false-flag terrorism.

Elsewhere Russian sources noted that the victims that appeared in footage shown to US audiences were not to be found as inspectors examined the scene, and wondered with all of the dead children shown why there were no parents around.

That’s where it gets really creepy, as the US reveals its Bundy-ness. Rebel terrorists had earlier attacked remote villages and kidnapped a large group of children, according to the Russians, who listed the names of the missing kids. The suggestion is that the children in the footage, dead or alive, were props from that incident. That could be a Russian lie, but when they occupy the moral high ground, they can pull it off.

That’s your country, folks. Our political leaders hide behind human masks for the American public, and our state-controlled media protects them, but they are puppets fronting for world-class psychopaths and criminals.

One thought on “Masked Bundy’s

  1. BRICS and a bit of bad luck may have played a role too. Timing was not on “our” side. German election, Fed threatening “easing,” worry about rising oil prices, and weaker than expected global “growth” projections may have spooked just enough billionaires to delay/kill the Syria attack. It’s not over, our perpetual-war economy needs a steady supply of new landscapes — old armaments must die so new ones can be built.


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