On to Katmandu

I am not a world traveler, never even having been to Texas or the south, much less foreign countries, so this is very exciting for me. It’s all so new and different.

We re headed for Katmandu today, and after that hiking the Annapurna route. Delhi is amazing as I have seen it, but only a tiny slice. It’s chaotic. Traffic is wild, driving lanes only a suggestion, constant honking to warn others of your maneuvers, pedestrians and bicyclists fair game. People are mostly very thin, as if undernourished, or maybe I am over-nourished. There’s heavy military presence. Very friendly, however, English spoken everywhere, signs all bilingual. British influence pervasive. No cathedrals – not their style. Some very old mosque-type buildings. Dominoes Pizza one block away.

One thought on “On to Katmandu

  1. Any chance you’ll stay?

    Quite a few Indians emigrate to the US. Few Americans emigrate to India. How does that work out long term?

    In game theory, the best models for long term existence is tit for tat: you get 5 shakes, you give 5 shakes. Otherwise the iteration of unequal trading obliterates the disadvantaged party.

    The decline of USA from unequal immigration is of course a feature, not a bug, in the Tomato Guy world. But he is anxious to spend the country’s capital. Something about getting a thrill.


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