It works (almost) every time

This is completely off-subject, again, the more suitable name for this blog. We are in R&R today, our only walking from here to the restaurant and back. Later we will walk to the pool. And back.

I was watching CNN world news today, talking about the Venezuelan economy and all the trouble it endures. Inflation is rampant, there are food shortages, and trouble is brewing in the streets. Though CNN did not say so, it is a failure of any alternative to the “capitalism,” or more properly corporate global imperialism.

No one will believe me anyway, another suggested name for this blog, but none of that is true. Venezuela is under attack by all of the forces of the US military-industrial complex. The squeeze is on, food is withheld by those who control the food supply, and money does not flow freely. Military forces are on the border, US agents are busily buying off the military to stage another coup. The leaders much watch their backs, and in so doing are branded tyrants. What a beautiful scam! The idea is to make the people give up – then the shelves again have food and currency becomes dependable.

How do I know this? It’s documented – not Venezuela, but rather Chile when Allende took power by means of the ballot. It did not take but a few weeks before the US was fomenting military coup within the ranks, food shortages started, and eventually the ax – Allende murdered, and the crypto-NAZI Pinochet came to power with US blessing. Following that were disappearances, torture, open murder, secret police, and even an assassination on the streets of Washington, DC. All with approval of the overlord.

The leaders and aristocrats and military of the US do not weep for poverty or torture or human rights. These concerns are mere window dressing. The US fears but one thing: That a country will break free of control, go its own way, and succeed. People wonder why little Cuba is under embargo 54 years after Battista was overthrown. I just answered that question. No one will believe it.

8 thoughts on “It works (almost) every time

  1. No one will believe it.

    Maybe if you had a track record of telling the truth in other areas, we would be more likely to believe you. cough cough

    US agents are busily buying off the military to stage another coup.

    If a people raise up a warrior class to be so cheap, maybe that is the problem.


    1. Seemed like the usual stuff: Sociology Prof. from Binghamton; overstating US influence; understating local efforts; assuming that democratically elected nationalists are the utter creme de la creme of legitimacy and effective governance; state three times each paragraph that America is an imperial power; etc.


      1. …stereotypes…

        Well, if the shoe fits…

        I just find these kinds of articles essentially a cut and paste of the current post-modern; deconstructionist; anti traditional America; cut and paste the usual tropes; that gets you cred in the coffee houses around Universities these days. I like to read them by inserting my side of things:

        During the 1980’s and 1990’s, Mexican successes in securing policies favorable to Mexican economic and foreign policy interests under client political tools fixed, in the mind of Mexican elites, the optimal and only acceptable model and criteria for responding (negatively) to the subsequent Tea Party nationalist movements. [2]

        Mexican policy toward the US in the 1990’s and its successes were part and parcel of a general embrace of neo-liberal electoral regimes in North America. Mexico and its allies in the Open Borders Movement, the Global elites, and the La Raza movement promoted and supported illegal immigration throughout North America, which privatized and de-nationalized over 50 million individuals in many economic sectors. [3] These quasi-private scab workers included demographic and cultural busting roles in natural resources, energy, finance, trade, transport, farm labor, hotel and restaurant trade, welfare collection, and telecommunications. Neo-liberal client regimes reversed 50 years of economic and social policy, dispersed wealth, changed the economy, and laid the basis for a profound crisis, which ultimately discredited neo-liberalism. This led to continent-wide popular uprisings resulting in political discontent and demographic change.

        Etc and blah blah blah.


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