Paul Is Dead redux

MccartneyWhile trying to get my clock turned around here, I was lazily listening to podcasts and YouTubes, and came across the old “Paul is Dead” controversy surrounding the Beatles in the early 1970’s. I’ve never really understood it well, but am not surprised that there are people still spouting the myth. After all, “evidence” is abundant.

And then came the Rolling Stone magazine cover in the piles of mail – I love it! Rolling Stone is having an inside joke. Paul is lying in state! And smirking.

Anyone who reads this blog knows that I believe 9/11 was an inside job, largely fabricated for TV audience, and that Osama died in ’01 and the Boston Bombing was staged and so much of our life is governed by TV illusions. That is all evidence-based, but with that in mind, I want the reader to understand that Paul McCartney is alive and well.

And also that there is lots of evidence, clues strewn about on album covers and song lyrics that hint that he died in a car crash (and lost his hair) on Wednesday morning at five AM on November 9, 1966 driving his gray Aston Martin, a car nicknamed the “Silver Hammer.” What was up with that?

I think it helps to remember that the Beatles were a phenomenon that will never be seen again, a mixture of marketing and charming young men with real talent. But the marketing was important. The screaming crowds that greeted them in New York on first arrival had to be brought in, along with the kids who were in the audience of the Ed Sullivan show. The illusion had to be fostered by suggestion so that other kids would pick it up and start screaming on their own. There were real brains behind that operation, and a cash cow of gigantic proportions.

Sgt-PepperThe question was what to do when inevitably the bubble burst and they came down to earth. The answer, and a real act of marketing genius, was to kill Paul. They did it well in advance of dropping hints when Abbey Road was released. The cover of Sgt. Pepper was literally strewn with clues, from the grave made of flowers forming a bass guitar to a doll holding a car and bloody driver’s glove. Magical Mystery Tour had inside a picture of the band performing, Ringo’s drum saying “We love the 3 Beatles” alongside a pair of bloody shoes as the new Paul is singing barefoot.

Some time in 1969 or 1970 there was a radio phone call to a music station in Michigan, surely planted, that mentioned the clues on Abbey Road. The result was a nationwide frenzy. People went out in droves and bought the albums looking for clues … and are you getting this? The Beatles were breaking up, unknown at that time. It was going to happen right after one more album required under contract. They needed to keep sales going.

I love it! Thanks, Rolling Stone, for the funniest magazine cover ever.
PS: Rolling Stone cover caption: “Scenes from a nonstop life.” Funnier still!
PPS: Changed name of post from “PID redux” to “Paul is Dead redux” to get more Google hits. It’s a marketing ploy.

12 thoughts on “Paul Is Dead redux

  1. That’s a small part of the Beatle’s phenomenon.

    The screaming crowds that greeted them in New York on first arrival had to be brought in, along with the kids who were in the audience of the Ed Sullivan show.

    That’s kind of misleading, but what else is new. The plan was hatched to let the fans in for a quasi staged event. I don’t think you should call it “brought” in.

    And this kind of marketing hype has been repeated for all the latest big acts. Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas; same deal.


  2. just put up a new post about conspiracy theories. I watched Room 237 last night about Kubrick’s treatment of The Shining. you should check it out, Mark, it’s fascinating. also, you pointed me to the info regarding the CIA’s popularizing of the term “conspiracy theorist” after JFK’s assassination, so thank you for that.


    1. Good piece. I keep my distance from that stuff, but did find Dave McGowan’s (the Laurel canyon guy) work on the moon landing enticing, as he’s simply stating major slip-ups by NASA – that before they can go to the moon “again,” they have to solve the radiation problem – not just the Van Allen belt, but also exposure to radiation on the moon itself, supposedly deadly. That’s NASA speaking. Not McGowan. If they have not settled those issues now, how about then?

      It is good to be wary of conspiracy tales in general, as where there is real malfeasance, there are also various levels of cover-up. So anything with “… For 9/11 truth” in its name is probably designed to mislead people who don’t buy the original story. The guys who do this work (Richard Gage, James Fetzer, Steven and Alex Jones) are called “ops” and their work in general is a “limited hangout,” some truth mixed with lies. In the end, people go in circles. Weidner could be performing such a function, as he, like John Lear of the Lear Jet family, a 9/11 op, will sound reasonable and then take you down the brick road to batshit crazy land. Follow them, you’re destination is tin foil. Can’t win.

      Paul is dead is just good clean fun, a marketing gimmick that still resonates 40 years later. Nothing evil going on there, and McCartney’s smirk tells me he’s still enjoying it. Lord know he doesn’t need the money or fame anymore.


      1. I’m looking forward to McGowan’s book on the Laurel canyon stuff. I didn’t include this in my post about the child rapist Ken Starr wants leniency for, but I think child abuse, especially sexual abuse, is rampant among the upper crust.


        1. McGowan thinks so too. His book, Programmed to Kill, is a recount of quite a few mass killers and the inconsistencies in the official stories. You’re welcome to it, just give me your address by private email. No return. It’ll just collect dust here.


    1. Yeah, I gotcha. I picked up on a kind of waxiness in his face where I could see they took a mannequin and put it in the computer and then animated it. Man, stuff they can do with technology.

      Actually, that was amazin’! Thanks.


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