Dead man walking

“I think it’s people on the outside who perceive Paul (McCartney) as thinking he’s the only one left. Actually, it’s me. I am the last remaining Beatle.” (Ringo Starr, DailyMail, 5/26/2011)

paul13A rumor popped up in Great Britain in 1966, and took wings in the United States in 1969, that the original Paul McCartney had died and was replaced by an impostor, William Shears Campbell. [Unknown to me on writing this, as I have not really followed this stuff, there are a number of candidates who might ahve filled the bill, “Billy Shears” merely the name of the new Beatle.] I wrote about it back in 2013 after Macca graced yet another Rolling Stone cover. I actually like what I wrote. I said it was a marketing ploy. A very good one.

The idea was this: The greatest rock band in history was breaking up, and the large organization built around them would be set adrift. To keep revenue flowing, they needed album sales. What better way to do that than to plant “clues” in the album covers, beginning with St. Pepper in 1967.

I recommend, especially if you are of a curious mind, to take a look at all those clues. It is a macabre trip, but there are scores of them, and they all point at Paul, and they all hint that he died. The most potent is the Pepper album cover, a funeral scene. It’s crawling with stuff, just crawling. I do suggest that you avoid the audio clues, playing songs backward and all of that, as it strikes me as a bit like looking for encoded messages in the Bible. Who really knows what we would get if we played Pat Boone songs backward? (The words of April Love, played backwards, say “I hate Jesus”?)

By the way, the current guy who plays Paul in real life is an immensely talented performer. He was an unwitting beneficiary. He’s not guilty, in my mind, of anything but living a lie, knowing that if he spoke up, that we would come together over his grave, as we did with John, George, Brian Epstein, Mel Evans … . Further, since so much time has passed, the current Paul is the Paul we know, and has effectively body snatched the original.

That November 16, 2013 piece would have been my last thought on the matter but for three new pieces of information, new to me anyway:

  • An article from The Pessimist, November 7, 2013 that Warren Commission critic Mark Lane was sought out by Paul McCartney in early 1966:

    While living in London during that time I attended a small party of about a dozen people. One of them was Paul McCartney. He walked up to me, offered his hand, and told me his name. The introduction was hardly necessary as he was one of the most famous people in the world…

    He said, “I understand you have written a book about Kennedy’s assassination. I would like to read it.”

    Lane gave McCartney an early draft of Rush to Judgment, and McCartney wanted to write music to a documentary being made to advance the case made in the book.

    Only a person who is as well versed in the JFK assassination as me would know this, but Mark Lane is an intelligence agent, part of the JFK cover-up. Hard as this is to grasp, his role was to become the public voice of skepticism in the late 60’s about JFK’s death, since the case against Oswald was so clearly fraudulent. In that role, others of prominence would seek him out – in effect, would self-identify. Lane’s bosses could then evaluate the risk posed, and act accordingly. McCartney, perhaps one of the most famous people in the world at that time, obviously posed a considerable threat, and so was murdered.

    When I read of Mark Lane’s involvement in the PID affair, my blood ran cold. If you’ve seen the movie Sixth Sense, the big reveal at the end, that the Bruce Willis character is dead and has been dead all along … was a shock. I experienced that feeling again. Oh shit, I realized. He really is dead.

  • The strange behavior of Heather Mills:

    Nuff said.

  • Italians Gabriella Carlesi, forensic pathologist and Francesco Gavazzeni, computer scientist, set out to dispel the PID rumor in 2009. They do this sort of thing in real life for forensic purposes, court cases and all of that. They compared high-quality photos of Paul before 11/66 with those after to determine if it was the same man. To their surprise, it was not. Their article appeared in the magazine Wired Italia on July 15, 2009. The article can be found here and there in rough form – that is, someone photographed the pages and put them online. (Coincidentally with release of that article, McCartney appeared on the Letterman show and gave a rooftop concert. It was a nice distraction.)

How could something that sophisticated happen before our eyes? Who possesses such skill and power of deceit? My question exactly. Until I bumped into the Mark Lane story, I had no clue.

Remember, after the Beatles stopped touring, they radically altered their appearances, growing, beards  mustaches and much longer hair. Seen from a curious angle, all of that served to hide the surgical scars that were healing on Sir Paul. Many months would pass before public performances, and before that, we don’t know if Paul as actually playing the instruments. We don’t know that he wrote the music credited to him since 11/66, so much of which is crap.

Anyway, I add young and naive Mr. Paul McCartney to the long list of deaths surrounding the JFK assassination. That is the only reason I care. It is also weird to think that of the four original Beatles, three were murdered.

8 thoughts on “Dead man walking

  1. I don’t give a rat’s rear end about Paul but I did enjoy reading this about “Imagine”.

    “A school fair has been cancelled on the French island of Corsica after parents reportedly threatened teachers who planned to have their pupils sing John Lennon‘s ‘Imagine’ in Arabic.

    Lennon’s anthem to peace, contains some of the most famous lyrics of all time:

    “Imagine there’s no countries
    It isn’t hard to do
    Nothing to kill or die for
    And no religion too
    Imagine all the people
    Living life in peace…”

    Despite the peace-loving nature of the song, The Local reports that it has provoked a storm of controversy at the Prunelli-di-Fiumorbu primary school.

    The battle is not over the song itself, described by Breitbart’s Kurt Schlichter as “the worst song of all time…a cloying, boggy, sonic swamp of numb-skulled sentiments that sound like they were recycled from a bong-fueled, 2 a.m. bull session between a couple of pampered, credulous UC Berkeley lit majors…the national anthem of the hopey/changey crowd — all at once pretentious, smug, tiresome and intellectually bankrupt.”-Britbart


    1. Appreciate the thoughts. I too found Imagine to be emotional claptrap. Lennon thought the big hit off that album would be Jealous Guy, and was surprised that Imagine took off instead.

      other songs of the Imagine ilk that drive me buggy: These Colors Don’t Run, God Bless the USA, Courtesy of the Red White and Blue, all full off numbskull sentiments, devoid of any connection with reality. God Bless America is awful, like a Christian March theme. And don’t get me going on the Star Spangled Banner.

      This post was of course not about Paul, but rather the connection of his death to JFK. Hope you take time to read it some time.


        1. I really don’t know much about old Sheriff Joe. I know he’s very popular down there.

          I respond to things that interest me and not some spider web of corresponding events.

          I am curious about this statement, as it seems revealing of your thought processes. Does intricacy bother you, the fact that events seemingly unconnected might indeed be connected?

          When I was young I enjoyed Arthur Conan Doyle, the Complete Sherlock Holmes. He was able to see the various piece of a puzzle scattered about, and piece them together. Of course, Doyle was able to reverse engineer the cases, but still, I don’t know why more people do not possess such basic skills as it takes to unravel a mystery.


          1. Call it avoiding the weeds.

            I live a complex life I ranch, farm, build, develop, lease, and landlord. I care for elderly parents and a Aunt that her kids deserted. I value time wisely.


          2. We all have such burdens. But I think the basic skills are lie detection and pattern recognition. Don’t see that taking much time.

            Doesn’t answer questions, but does cause one to ask them.


  2. I believe your correct about Lane being an operative. He was supposedly reported to the NY Bar Assoc. by other lawyers because of his involvement and conduct during the Jonestown massacre; he had foreknowledge of the poison laced food but did not warn anyone. Things are not what they appear to be when it comes to Mr. Lane. His true role may have been that of a gatekeeper. Therefore, considering is lack of credibility and talents for exploitation, could it be that he made up the story about his encounter with Paul to promote his books? It appears that the only source available of this alleged meeting is coming from Mark Lane.


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