A rare opportunity

Tax conferring today … Not fun but necessary. This paragraph that follows needs emphasis, as if affects everyone:

You will receive a notice from the IRS stating that you owe the penalty (for failure to have health insurance). The IRS can collect the money by reducing the amount of any tax refund that you are owed in the future. But the law says that you will not be subject to criminal prosecution and the government cannot file a notice of lien or file a levy on your property.

Got that? They went off the rails. The health insurance industry wrote and passed ACA, mandating that we purchase products from private companies. They must have assumed that a penalty on a private mandate would be unconstitutional, if not the mandate itself. But AHIP was insistent. So they wrote a penalty and made it unenforceable.

I expect this to change, as the mullahs in black robes ruled that the mandate is a tax. But for the time being, if you are penalized for failure to have insurance and are not owed a refund, tell IRS to f*** off. It’s rare we can do that.

4 thoughts on “A rare opportunity

  1. Sounds like you have done your share to enable the IRS.

    So, better that health care be run by the gov’t directly, so then you will approve heartily when the black robes of the modern Cathedral attaches our property? Seems largely a distinction without a difference.

    Another question is when voluntary submission to law ends and coercion begins.


    1. >Our system isn’t as bad as you make it out to be.

      >The improvements we’d get under your suggestions aren’t all that great.

      It is kind of like suggesting we adopt the military spending portfolio of France. Major coin to be saved, but we wouldn’t have all this cool stuff and the military bases and…

      As far a money collection goes; if something is owed, 80% of the people pay. Many of the rest would be picked up by the long arm of the Treasury, even if they can’t attach property: half the people get some direct payment from the feds, and this is a rolling number; with many moving in and out, and getting loans and other payments over time.


      1. I big nothing to you on all of that. Without government, your system lasts about a day. Capitalism is like Mark Twain’s definition of a great books – everyone praises it, no one actually practices it. It’s not the best analogy, as sweatshop workers, the working poor, and slaves are indeed the happy byproducts of market forces. Everyone else is insulated in some fashion.

        I think there is a direct parallel between Marx and Rand in that each offer up a utopian vision of “should” and yet, when either philosophy is actually implemented, chaos ensues, and totalitarianism.


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