There will be blood, like always, this coming year

pentagram-black-star-logoI do not honor the dawn of a new rotation around the sun as any special occurrence since the selection of the “starting point” is random. I do not make lists of events in the past rotation seeking to rank them in order of importance. I do not resolve to do things differently in the near future. I am going to the gym today, but I’ve been doing that for years, and not out of some resolve but rather because I enjoy it. For the next month or so it will be crowded.

Regarding this blog, it will carry on as before. If there were 365 days in the last year, there were probably 300 posts. I’ll probably do 300 more this year. My repetitive themes will continue to repeat – we are deeply mired in thought control, Democrats are the problem, and nothing is at it appears. Health care is still a huge problem, a solution far away. The ongoing attack on the social safety net continues, currently under titular leadership of a black dude (death by a thousand knife cuts versus death by the sword). American world power is in decline, but American military spending has not declined, so that in the absence of prestige and hegemony, there will be blood, blood and more blood.

I’ll add one more recurring theme, the “black star,” which Martin Schotz used to write about. Imagine, for example, a reporter with the temerity to question President Obama about the US role in the Syrian bloodbath, just to pick one random unspoken topic among scores available – that reporter would feel the power of the black star. Not only would he be greeted with stone silence, his career would be over.

The closer one gets to the star, the less one can learn about the activities of powerful people. The American news media cannot discuss anything within the gravitational field of the star. American journalists intuitively feel the gravitational pull, which is why they are even there. If they were good at their jobs, they would not have their jobs.

President Nixon, a man I admire more as time passes, often spoke frankly about the world he lived in versus the fantasies of the American people. He advised us that international relations are not based on good will or noble intentions, but rather on balance of power. For example, and Nixon understood this well, I just read a (long )letter from Nikita Khrushchev to Fidel Castro in the wake of the Cuban Missile Crisis. In it he said that the Soviets were fully aware of the perils of putting missiles in Cuba, but also knew that if they did not directly confront American power with Soviet power, that there would be another American invasion of the island, and that hundreds of thousands of Cubans would perish.

JFK perished in part due to his desire to avoid that nuclear showdown, but also due to failure to understand what Nixon knew – that one cannot project weakness in international affairs. The generals, our madmen with spurs and six-shooters, wanted war, even wanted to nuke Cuba after the Bay of Pigs. So it should come as no surprise that anyone who stands in their way will suffer die and be buried.

In international affairs, it is easy to see who is having an effect – they are demonized in the US media. Since the enemy must have a face (otherwise we cannot focus our hatred), we will continue to see Putin and Assad on the pages of Parade Magazine and Huffpo and labeled official bad guys. Iranian President Rouhani is projecting weakness, and is getting good reviews here. That bodes ill for the freedom and security of Iran. Fortunately the evil Putin shares a border with him, so there are limits to his foolishness. He is on a Soviet leash due to mere hegemony.

A truly evil motherfucker, Saudi intelligence chief Prince Bandar bin Sultan (aka “Bandar Bush,” since he was almost like part of that family) is behind the recent bombings in Russia, making good on a threat. He advised Putin that if the Russians would pull the rug on Assad, that they and the Saudis could partner in the new regime, meaning Russia’s security interests in the region would be protected. Putin is far too smart for such a deal. Again, there will be blood. As Moon of Alabama put it,

One doesn’t attack Stalingrad without receiving a blowback. The Russian security forces will have an immediate harsh response on the local level. There will be pressure on Putin to also directly respond towards Saudi Arabia. Russia will feel the need to set a precedence. The response will therefore likely come, though probably delayed, in a rather spectacular form.

And the year is just beginning.

4 thoughts on “There will be blood, like always, this coming year

    1. I was at a US Army exhibit in Bozeman some time in the last decade (or earlier) where, to my surprise, the army itself admitted to 3 million or more casualties in Vietnam compared to our 58,000. That was the end of the era of the civilian solider, poorly trained, poorly motivated, probably high. Today’s professional soldier is far more likely to survive and inflict far more harm on others by use of sophisticated weaponry.


  1. At every sporting event, on tv, radio and print, we are conditioned to honor “those who made the ultimate sacrifice defending our freedom.” No such honor is ever given to innocent foreign civilians caught in the crossfire. No reparations, no apology, nothing. Could be overexposure to Zombies, Dracula movies and nightly “news” activates America’s bloodlust.


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