Eat your heart out

This post is really a footnote to the one below, but will be much shorter so that busy people might be more inclined to read it.

I questioned below the funding sources for Democracy Now!, noting that a venerable liberal magazine, The New Republic, owed its funding for decades to Wall Street. I am also wondering if DN! is similarly compromised and is operating as a “This far, no further” left-gatekeeping operation. Here’s some evidence to consider:

Jeremy Scahill is a regular contributor on DN!, and has been supportive of the US in attacking Syria. It’s just his opinion. Another opinion was offered by the Syrian nun Mother Agnes, who has been touring various places and claiming that the chemical weapons attack that was supposed to propel the US into that war was much more than just a hoax. She claims that the Western-backed terrorist forces abducted the children, murdered them, and then filmed their corpses for cover for the Obama attack.

That’s gross beyond words, but not at all beyond the pale for people who eat human hearts. (I do not know if that claim regarding what we are watching in that film is true, if it is a hoax or deliberately staged, and offer only this evidence: CNN is almost always supportive of US wars, even the supposed humanitarian ones. In this situation, it would be then a hostile witness carrying more weight than a normal one.)

Both Scahill and Mother Agnes were invited to a conference sponsored by the Stop the War Coalition in London last November, Scahill made it known that he would not participate if Mother Agnes was allowed to speak.

So much for democracy, now, Jeremy. Some voices should be heard others not. (Mother Agnes demurely pulled back, a typically leftist fault, not wanting to disrupt the conference. Scahill had no qualms about doing the same.)

21 thoughts on “Eat your heart out

    1. I think of Israel as the “USS Israel” and “Jewry” as a highly civilized and advanced culture. Mixing American military culture and a people amidst historic enemies produced the modern state. No matter their advanced state, having all of those weapons made them dangerous.

      I should ingest more weed, you’re right.


        1. Judging by body count, you’re pretty awfully badly wrong.

          Anyway, I wonder about these postwar migrations, Jews being moved to Palestine due to crimes committed by right-wing Europeans. They could have just given them Danzig and called it square. It was an invitation to make war. I wonder if that was the objective.


  1. I’ve been thinking about this exchange, considering the possibility that your Absarokee comment was meant to convey information not stated on the surface. This would be unlike you. I’ve also wondered if I should tread lightly around your religious belief system, but you’ve never had a belief undermined by actual evidence as long as I’ve known you, so there is no danger there either.

    But let’s assume that is the case – that you are looking at the ancient roots of the name of the mountain range, and thus inferring that the names given locations in the near east are also the result of the long occupation of the area by the Jewish population and reflect that culture.

    Archeological study finds little, if anything, to support the legends of the Bible – most of those stories are allegory. There was no Moses, no Exodus, no great temple, no powerful Jewish state, and no evidence of a people living 40 years in the desert. The diaspora seems real enough, though there is probably nothing in the bible to explain it. These tales have important content, but it is not of historical significance. The last I read on this subject before moving on indicated a belief that the Bible tales you describe as going back 3,000 years to have been written during the time of Maccabees. In my twelve eyars of Catholic education, I studiously avoided any bible reading (bo-ring!), so I’m just repeating shit.

    The idea of 12 tribes is an astrological metaphor, as were 12 apostles. Most of our current religious traditions are inherited from ancient human preoccupation with the stars, the sun and the moon, and are based on the zodiac. There were many tales of virgin births and resurrections, and the decision to use the non-eyewitness accounts of the evangelists was a political decision by the Romans – could it be they saw a religion whose followers proudly called themselves sheep and told them that their reward was in the afterlife would be … useful?

    The idea that the Jews have a proprietary claim on that land was probably a political and military decision, a desire to put a forward European base in the middle of Arab territory. (There’s also the problem that Jews were despised in the US, so that they didn’t want them moved here either.) Whether it was done to protect the oil fields or just to promote endless wars is up for grabs. Some of both, I suppose. Fundamentalist Jews, who interpret the Bible literally, believe the claims. Most regard it as convenient fiction.

    But suppose that the Bible is factual, that Jewish presence in the region does indeed go back that far, and therefore they have legitimate claim to the land. In that case, you should be prepared to move, as American natives are retaking their land. Aborigine Australians want theirs back. Even the Mexicans are pissed, and want the Southwest back. French and Germans have been fighting for eons over Alsace Lorraine – forget it! That land goes back to anyone with Neanderthal ancestry. That would be me – almost 2%!. I am moving to France!


    1. There was also a theory that NA’s were one of those lost tribes. You’re right, maybe we should move.

      This conflict is not a battle over title. It’s a battle over the extermination of a race of people.

      By the way geography the area within the boundaries of Israel contain no more than 1/6 of one percent of the land mass of the middle east.


      1. As I recall, reading my history-as-told book, it was right-wing Europeans who were in the extermination game, and not Arabs. Nice thought, however. That script did need a politically correct rewrite, and you’ve done it, absolving the whites and hanging the crime on dark-skinned people.


        1. All you have to do Mark is look and listen to their leaders.

          “The Jews are a cancer which is liable to spread again at any moment.”

          “There is no solution to the conflict except the disappearance of Israel.”

          “If they all gather in Israel it will save us the trouble of going after them worldwide.”

          All quotes by Hassan Nasrallah, leader of Hezbollah.


          1. These quotes are usually supplied by MEMRI, known for selectively quoting and distorting Arab and Muslim news reports and editorials. It is staffed by former Israeli intelligence agents. It was the source of Ahmadinejad’s supposedly saying that Iran would “wipe Israel off the map,” a distortion at best, at worst, a deliberate lie.


          2. “Proof,” he says. You do know that only black/white thinkers use that word that way, but then, black/white thinkers do not know they are black/white thinkers.

            I wrote about this back in September of 2007.

            Then again a week later.

            Plenty of links there. What Ahmadinejad said was more to the effect that one day the Zionist regime would vanish from the pages of time. MEMRI changed it to “Israel will be wiped off the map.”


        2. Nah. You’re much too easily swayed by words. The Saudis have for decades supported a two-state settlement, and that was also the position of the Palestinian authority. We’d have a settlement tomorrow if the US would allow it. The Oslo Accords were set to go and were torpedoed by the Israelis. The bulk of the world supports a two-state settlement based on the original boundaries, meaning Israel would have to give back land it since stole and continues to steal. The biggest impediment to peace is the US, which does not want peace, and the Israelis, tools of US foreign policy.

          Be very careful of quotes as you just cited, and keep your distance. Much of the translation of Arabic to English is done by the Israelis for their own benefit, and is usually injected with an inflammatory tinge. Further, these leaders are often speaking for the benefit of their own populations.


          1. You should be ashamed, Swede, to take something like this at face. You don’t speak the language, don’t have any sense of nuance, and your own hateful attitude towards Palestinians takes a front seat anyway.


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