The 555 jolt back to reality

Have you ever been watching a movie or TV show and get caught up in it, and they have to give a phone number as part of the plot and it is always a “555” number? They have to do that of course, as there are no 555 numbers in the land so that no one is bombarded with phone calls after a working number is accidentally given mass exposure.

Even so, once that happens, poof! I lose interest. It’s like seeing a wristwatch on a cowboy – it jolts me back into the present and forces me to admit to myself that I am watching fiction. The fun is over.

Perhaps we can all agree on a certain allotment of dead phone numbers that they can use that sound real, or they can pass the number to each other on a slip of paper or have a car horn go off when they are saying the number or something – these are really clever people. They can do better.

Is this just me? Is anyone else bugged by this annoying habit?

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