Something ain’t right

mlb_ap_arod1_300Over the holidays a relative of ours appeared wearing a wrist bracelet. It was high-tech. With it he was keeping track of calories ingested and calories burned. He was amazed at the results. On some days he took in maybe a thousand more calories than he burned. It is so hard for me to stay quiet during such exhibitions of ignorance, but I do. I’ve learned this over the years. I must STFU.

But I’m also aware of another feature of life in America, perhaps everywhere. Our minds are like river backwaters – without effort they easily fill up with brackish refuse. The easiest information to come by is the most commonly believed. Our relative’s notion is that body weight is a simply matter of counting calories. Without effort on his part, that information will stay resident in his mind. And there will be no effort to unseat the information as every dietary expert, every gym, every diet book emphasizes counting calories, burning calories, as the only solution to our obesity epidemic.

It is like that with everything in this country – truth is hidden from us, often in plain sight. It too often messes with business models.

The NFL right now is wrestling with a truth that could destroy it – concussions. They are more open now about dealing with the problem. The undoing will come from a revelation some day that they have long known the effects of concussions, and ignored the evidence. Think … tobacco settlement.

The ARod scandal in baseball is far more telling than anyone is letting on. This guy ingested PED’s before and during every game he played for years, and passed every drug test. What’s the truth there? Baseball is a game where a slight edge offers an enormous financial advantage. PED’s offer more than a slight advantage. Drug testing apparently does not work. Ergo, most major league baseball players are using PED’s. Otherwise, they don’t make the cut.

I am waiting on the organic food scandal. It has not arrived, but I know it is coming. The markup on food labeled organic is very high, so high that it has created an enormous incentive to secure the label. In the not-too-distant future we are going to learn that most of what we call organic, grass-fed, cage-free, pesticide-free … is bogus. It can be no other way. That financial edge that those labels offer creates the incentive to cheat. It’s not a matter of “if” it is going on, but rather when will it finally be exposed.

There is very little going on in this country that qualifies as “true.” From simple matters like nutritional science and food labeling to more complex ones like the effects of concussions to the use of PED’s to the everyday reporting of news, we are knee-deep in lies and secrecy.

Into this environment where nothing is true comes Edward Snowden, and suddenly we are to believe that the veil has been lifted? Not likely. There is something more going on there. What exactly I do not know – I can only speculate that the National Security State wants us to know that it is watching us. For all of Snowden’s (long-known anyway) revelations, exactly nothing is being done. In the meantime, Glenn Greenwald, his partner, is making a fortune as he hooks up with agents of PayPal who themselves are contracted with or by NSA. It doesn’t add up. Greenwald is but a tool and Snowden pulled it off too easily.

Here’s something to consider from the blog

What we know about Edward Snowden is that he was a Special Forces recruit in the U.S. Army, an NSA employee, an NSA contractor for at least two different companies, and a CIA employee under cover. All of this occurred in a span of only a few years and he was able to command six-figure salaries despite having no education beyond a high school equivalency certification. Of the many positions he held in a period of approximately six years, the most long-lived appears to have been his work with the CIA where this 20-something spy was, in his own words, a “senior advisor.”

Yet this man escaped with thousands (now they are saying millions) of documents, evaded capture, found asylum with our old enemy of choice and receives high-profile media exposure at a time when whistleblowers of less stature are tortured and sit in jail cells.

Something ain’t right. If we just sit back and let “truth” fall into our laps, to wash into our backwaters, without high scrutiny and skepticism, then the true intent of Edward Snowden and his high-level supports will not soon be understood. Like everything else in this country built on lies, something ain’t right.

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