There are party differences!

[Swede synopsis: Parties same. US make many wars, blame victims. Skip to comment section.]

I often say, here and elsewhere, that there is no difference between the two parties. Indeed, they have the same corporate masters and push the same policies, usually repackaged for their own constituencies. The party faithful switch sides on various issues depending on who is in office. Democrats seek peace during Republican wars and are warmongers while their own party holds power.

But I have to fess up here – there are indeed difference, and not just the wedge issues like abortion, immigration and guns. I’ve come to realize this lately, and have to publicly state that I have been wrong.

During Obama’s term in office, aggressive war was launched on Libya, overthrowing that government by brutal force, demonizing and murdering its popular leader. Afghanistan and Pakistan have been subject to terror and drone attacks even as the US military is protecting the poppy fields. The terrorist attacks on Syria continue, using Al Qaeda as proxy and funneling arms through Saudi Arabia and Qatar. There was a staged chemical attack using slaughtered children as props. That is as barbaric as anything I’ve seen since the starving of a half million Iraqi children in the 1990’s. Iran is on notice, having threatened no one and posing no threat. Iraq is under continuing terrorist assault, and though I’ve no evidence, speculate that the CIA and MI6 are behind it. The Ukraine now is in a NATO/US-backed uprising, even as the majority of the population favors alliance with Russia. The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, a British-backed terrorist group trying to go straight, is fostering unrest in Egypt, trying to bring that country back under IMF rule.

It’s corporate terror, with the IMF waiting on the sidelines to back new fake democratic rulers in all of these countries. It was awful during the Bush regime. But if fascism was marching then, it is storming the gates now.

There is indeed a difference in the parties. Democrats are worse – much worse than Republicans. The reason? Their constituents are sound asleep during all of this. In 2016, when a Republican takes office, they’ll wake up and blame it all on the other party.


PS: I should be frank here – we are required to talk a certain way, laying all of the evil perpetuates on the world at the feet of the party in office. But it is neither party doing this – both are too weak and emasculated to stop it. It’s been many years since politicians do anything more than eat popcorn. The NSA and the CIA run the show, the latter so powerful now that it has it’s own armies, airlines, paramilitary forces and terrorists. The poppies of Afghanistan are just a continuation of the old Golden Triangle of Vietnam days, the source of an international drug cartel, a proprietary CIA operation.

I’m just kind of kidding about Democrats being worse, as neither have any say in the matter. Gore Vidal said that the American republic ended in 1947 with passage of the National Security Act, introducing unaccountable power into the postwar world. This is what he meant.

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