Lies, lies, and the lying liars who tell them

[Swede Synopsis: US lies about Syria. Makes terrorism. Skip ahead to comment section.]

When the United States National Security establishment decides to overthrow the government of another country, it does not back down. In the case of Syria it has funded terrorist elements imported into Syria by Saudi Arabia and Qatar, with arms funneled in via Turkey. If history is any guide, the arms are supplied by the US but carefully outsourced or stripped on any markings that would indicate the source. During the US-backed insurgency in the 1980’s in Afghanistan, the CIA supplied arms to the Mujaheddin (now called “Al Qaeda) manufactured in Czechoslovakia.

In addition, it appears the that “rebels” kidnapped children from the Alawite villages around Latakia. When the rebels staged a gas attack on August 22, giving a green light for a US attack, many were posed as dead while still alive, but some were murdered by the rebels so that their corpses could be put on display for world media. Of course this behavior is so outrageous that it is not believed here in the land of the low-information citizen – that is, by those who have even traveled away from mainstream news to be exposed to it. I am not surprised at all, as my awakening came in things like Operation Phoenix, the terrorist attack on Nicaragua in the 1980’s, the starving of half a million children in Iraq in the 1990’s. (etc.)

To put it mildly, our country is run by desk murderers – men and women in fine and fancy cars and clothing order death and mayhem around the globe while traveling the cocktail circuit of Georgetown. One of them, Secretary of State John Kerry, opened the talks in Switzerland with the following remarks:

“There is no way, not possible in the imagination, that the man who has led the brutal response to his own people could regain legitimacy to govern.”

Such blatant hypocrisy! Kerry is either deliberately lying or is ignorant of the situation. Who are those remarks directed at? The rest of the world knows what is going on. The American public is oblivious. Are the words meant to reinforce the will of the National Security State even in the face of the rest of the world and the Russians? That’s my guess.

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