The guessing game

[Swede Synopsis: Believe what you are told. Do not trust your lying eyes*. Proceed to comment section.]

fakebinladen2Today we learn that immediately after the “killing” of “Osama bin Laden” in 2011, Admiral William McRaven, head of US Special Operations Command, ordered all photos of the corpse destroyed or turned over to CIA. Suspicious minds might want to know why such photos might be hidden from view. I suppose it could be due to their gruesome nature, but could as easily be for what they don’t show: Osama bin Laden.

It must be said, however, that bin Laden, as with many NSA intelligence assets, probably had a doppelgänger or two or four. (There were several “Oswald’s” in Dallas, and more than one in Dealey Plaza that day.) The scary videos of him over the years were obviously of impostors. The fact that his beard went from gray to black, that his nose widened, that he started wearing jewelry, and that his dominant hand changed from left to right, is really confusing. So is the absence of deterioration from his kidney disease (which is most likely what killed him in Pakistan in 2001, if he was not murdered by US intelligence agents). The question might then be which, if any, of the multiple bin Laden’s was really killed that day.

Or, another possibility, it could have been some dude who was watching TV and eating Lay’s seaweed potato chips. Or yet another – it could be that the images of the site, with the bodies of Navy Seals and a downed helicopter splattered about, was too revealing of the true nature of that PSYOP.

One never knows in the hall of mirrors that is the National Security State of the United States of America. They do keep us guessing.
*Sorry to make synopsis two sentences long, Swede. I know you like brevity.

4 thoughts on “The guessing game

  1. It was only a matter of time. OBL joins the list of famous figures still alive/suspicious death.

    Elvis leads the pack with Diana close behind. Jim Morrison, Tupak Shakur, Alexander I, D.B.Cooper, Amelia Earhart, Hitler, Michael Jackson, Anastasia.

    Funny thing tho. Ann Frank is surely dead.


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