Internal organs of dissent

[Swede Synopsis: People should not eat each other’s internal organs. That’s wrong. Proceed to comments.]

Two Bushes, George and Bandar
Two Bushes, George and Bandar
Over the past quarter century I’ve been exploring and adjusting, feeling embarrassment at mistakes and shock at new findings. There is no destination port on this journey, but not a day goes by that I don’t feel closer to some “truth.” The problem: truth can be so ugly as to be unbearable so that most either avoid it or turn away in disgust. They are upset not by what I view as “truth,” or something like it, but rather that I must hate my country!

I don’t hate the United States of America. People are the same everywhere. This country was blessed with two oceans and abundant resources. It could thrive in internal peace without being destroyed by the internecine warfare of Europe. I’ve traveled some – Europe, Canada, Mexico and Asia, and will do more. But each return home is welcome. I belong in this country.

But this “country,” my home, is not at all what we think it is. We the people do not have any influence over its behavior. There might have been a time … I’m not sure. But we have suffered coups d’état now, and those in charge are not even visible to us anymore.

The first coup that I am aware of, or at least deeply suspicious of, was in 1945 with the death of FDR, murdered by the “Churchill Gang,” according to Stalin. Our indoctrination system is so deep and efficient that Americans automatically regard Churchill as some kind of hero and distrust Stalin as vile and evil. So his words, spoken to FDR’s son Elliot, were even published in Parade Magazine (with the usual refutation by “scholars”). Such an accusation is so outrageous that publishing it must have been regarded as safe. No thinking person would believe it, nor any American either.

The second coup d’etat was in Dealey Plaza, of course. The moles that began moving in back in the forties, who shepherded the National Security Act of 1947 through, were strong in number and position to cast the President aside and take control of the government. We’ve not had a real executive in charge since that day, though Nixon, himself removed by a minor coup, might have qualified in a different era. (He too is vilified in our indoctrinary system, but I’ve come to admire him over the years.)

And, of course, 9/11, yet another, but done to reboot the Cold War franchise, eternal war for never-to-be-achieved peace, substituting the word “terrorist” for “Communist.” That day was a manifestation of naked power, brandishing complete control of media and government. The already dumbed-down American public was traumatized into a permanent war mentality.
That’s neither here nor there. You can believe or not, think your own thoughts on the matter and have at me with all your might. Ridicule doesn’t work at this blog, so try another tack. It’s a very big and complicated world, and my quarter century of curiosity took me to destination I would not have wanted to visit in 1988. Just don’t expect that I’ll have much patience with you if I sense you’ve not read, wandered and wondered about everything that is visible in plain sight.
What the hell brought that on? Oh yeah – Sochi. The Olympics. I love to watch them. I don’t care about countries and medal counts, but do love to see young athletes compete. They are at their physical peak, have worked incredibly hard and have earned a spotlight. It is too bad that the United States wants to disrupt the games.

There I go again. I said “United States.” I should have said “the people who run the United States.” These are coarse and vile bastards, steeped in Malthus and social Darwinism, and who easily kill a million people as one lonely sitting president.

Here’s the matter of concern – a threat to terrorize the Sochi games from an agent of the United States, Bandar bin Sultan, (nicknamed “Bandar Bush” due to his close ties to that family). Bandar is head of Saudi intelligence and an international terrorist. He directly threatened Vladimir Putin with disruption of the Olympics if the latter refused to end Russia’s support for Syrian President Assad, whose country is under terrorist attack by forces controlled by the United States and its agents, like Bandar.

The terror strikes near Volgograd are likely the work of Bandar and the US, and there have been threats, videos, bombs uncovered – don’t you just love our “country”? It’s not about Sochi, of course. It’s about Syria and the cannibals who want to bring down its government and integrate it into the IMF/London/Wall Street axis. That’s is all that ever makes a country and its leader “evil” in the American system – it is only whether or not they play ball with Wall Street.

The opening ceremonies are going on this morning, and will be shown here as if live this evening. I look forward to them, and pray that the Russians are very, very good at security. I imagine they are. I pray that the United States and its agents abroad do not terrorize the games and destroy the crown jewel of peaceful competition among the youth of the world. These kids get to learn about each other, learn to be friends, and most importantly, do not eat each other’s internal organs. That’s kind of a US thing.

Thus endeth the ramble.

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