sochi-24.siI was deeply moved last night hearing the Russians belt out their national anthem. It is a powerful song with mood shifts, somber, serious, glorious and ebullient. Our American anthem is so stiff and requires too much vocal range for ordinary people. It would not even make the top 1000, much less top 40 in the twentieth century. It’s a crappy piece of music. We might as well sing the Darth Vader’s theme from Star Wars … bump bump bum dump da dum dump da dum …

Here in Colorado, we have “Rocky Mountain High.” If you ever want a shiver in your spine and a tear in your eye, stand in an auditorium and sing that song at the top of your lungs with everyone else. THAT is an anthem. THAT is what it should be – a glorious celebration of people and place.

Some people want our anthem to be “America the Beautiful.” If we have to choose between only two, I’ll take that one. But Paul Simon’s American Tune is more realistic:

I don’t know a soul who’s not been battered
I don’t have a friend who feels at ease
I don’t know a dream that’s not been shattered
Or driven to its knees
Oh, but it’s all right, it’s all right
For lived so well so long
Still, when I think of the road
We’re traveling on
I wonder what went wrong
I can’t help it, I wonder what’s gone wrong.

The Winter Olympics were a spectacular failure from an American point of view, that is, NBC did not make a bundle. Zounds! Americans did not win the most medals. Zounds! From the Russian point of view, it was win-win. They invested $50 billion in infrastructure, and showed the world, just as the Chinese did in 2008, that they are alive and well.

As I read the 2008 Chinese statement, they were projecting immense power in their people as they work for common goals. There was a tremendous amount of regimentation in the Chinese games. The Russians, on the other hand, came at us with beautiful spectacle and artistic flurry. It was an extravaganza of dance and color and technology. Up until 1990, as part of our propaganda system, TV images of the Soviet Union were usually in back and white. Women were dour and matronly, people projected to us as regimented into small apartments and collective farms as they were watched for any sign of disloyalty. That was probably never true. It was no workers’ paradise, but neither was it a concentration camp. That whole attitude was a a product of our propaganda system. It allowed our bankers and arms manufacturers to bust our own treasury on weaponry by claiming to be thwarting the evil Soviets.

And now look around! Americans are the ones who are being watched 24/365 as our one-percenters scour the landscape for new enemies to attack. We did a fine job of projection back then, but now it is not working quite as well. Television images bypassed our censors. The words that accompany the pictures fade away, Images rule, as all propagandists know.

Is it just me, by the way, or did Noelle Pikus-Pace-in-our-face get really old really fast? She was to be our mascot, I suppose.

What I have seen throughout these Olympics is just kids, happy kids, from all over the Northern hemisphere. Russia opened itself up to us, bypassed the American censors, and allowed us to see it in its full beauty – its people, art, landscape and to hear a powerful, moving national anthem. Of course NBC took every opportunity to make condescending remarks about mechanical difficulties, poor facilities, as if they’ve never traveled or squatted over a floor toilet. Just remember how the lights went out in Louisiana – Katrina in 2005, and the Superbowl in 2013.

And Putin, of course, was portrayed as dour and menacing. He’s being demonized in our system right now, as his country is putting up roadblocks to Wall Street and London in their incessant looting schemes. Most recently he thwarted them in Syria. Soon he’ll be on the cover of Time Magazine with horns, just as Milosevic, Hussein, and Gaddafi and now Assad have been portrayed.

What a beautiful spectacle those Olympics were. Welcome back, Russia! We’ve missed you. May the world have a little more peace, a few less massacres, perhaps even some international harmony now that you’re up and running again. You are too big and powerful to make war on – at best, we can only use you as an evil empire to justify our own aggression. But you do have the power to stop Wall Street in its tracks. And thanks for showing us your healthy, happy kids. Congrats on the medals.

27 thoughts on “Pikus-Pace-in-our-face

      1. Long article short:

        Some pretty nasty shit. Basically, under the ACA, the gov. mandate forces people on to Medicaid, but doesn’t inform them that when they die, the gov. is going to raid whatever they can from their “estate” to pay Medicaid back. I predict another SCOTUS case eventually will invalidate Medicaid as a way to fulfill the ACA mandate due to the forced estate reclamation features of Medicaid, and thus begins the unravelling of the mandate altogether. Basically ACA + mandate + Medicaid reclamation = forced indentured servitude to the government of the poor.

        Medicaid as it was before the ACA was voluntary, and when poor people signed up, they were presented with paperwork attesting to the fact that Medicaid will come after their estate for payback. Under the ACA, all of that explanation of Medicaid reclamation got lost in the process and online marketplace, and state exchanges, thus Medicaid enrollees don’t get informed, nor can they give proper acknowledgment and consent.

        The new serfs. You work, accumulate some assets, we give you health care for free, you die, we take your assets.

        Evil government. Evil Baucus. SCOTUS will rule. Again.


        1. It’s a crazy fucking country, that’s all I can say. But the people who run it are not at all like us. Every policy has been thought out to 1) make it appear palatable, and 2) to knife us in the back.


          1. Under BS Care, there are no costs either. Only the 1% deserve, and receive, health care. Everybody else just dies early deaths, unless they become a 1%-er.

            In the Dark Ages they came up with some innovative techniques for treating the serfs: they bled them (literally). Today it is figuratively (or financially), but the outcome is the same.


          2. What’s ironic to me is that you expletive deleted (and supporters) want free health care, free food, free housing, EBTcash cards for pot and booze, free education,..etc.

            And yet when you estate (kids inheritance) is auctioned off to recoup some of these costs, which by the way has climbed because no one pays, you scream like the country clubs kids.


          3. Maybe we should auction off your estate after a lifetime of you sucking up federal benefits, too? Eh?

            Methinks us “welfare queens” need to engage in some serious redistribution. Time for the prols to break out the pitchforks. Hope you got plenty of claymores.


          4. Oh, and by the way. 10% of medicaid recipients are elderly in nursing home — eating up 20% of medicaid’s budget. Hope you’ve been nice enough to your kids that they’d rather take you in and change your diapers when dementia sets in, instead of just letting the state put you in a facility and taking the ranch after you die, to payback your costs to society.


          5. My questions to you were: will your kids abandon you after dementia sets in? Is your ranch safe? Or should we auction it anyways to pay for all of the federal benefits you and it have sucked up over the years?


          6. I haven’t sucked up any bennies that would come close to what I’ve payed in prop taxes, fuel taxes, state and federal taxes.

            Being a good boy scout I’ve taken the little farmhouse we were married in and installed a handicap shower and other goodies which will serve the relatives we’re taking care of and us in 25-30 years.

            Kids can take care of us or we’ll donate millions to the Tea Party Express.


          7. Please – are we required to be stupid here? This is a guy who objects to any help to anyone in need, and who now tells us he is “taking care of” an aunt and two in laws. Bullshit. If he had that in his heart, he would not be so hateful outside his family. Cannot be. He is lying.


          8. Families should take of families. When that unit breaks down we end up like reservations. Or like the 70% of the prison populations from one parent homes.


          9. I am so tempted to delete that hateful comment. You know nothing of reservations except your own stereotypes. Actually, I should have placed a period right behind “nothing.”


  1. It all runs on slavery and property theft beginning with land. Some call it capitalism. Public land will be liquidated, water privatized, and game ranching will replace natural wildlife habitat. It’s all coming to a forest or prairie near you. I’m thinking Mandarin or Xiang would be a good language to know.


  2. Swede – you are the most annoying, ignorant, arrogant know-nothing that comes around here. You are impenetrable – we can’t begin to help you understand things you don’t know because we cannot make it simple enough for you to grasp. Your “welfare queen” remark above was not only insulting, but deeply stupid. I’d be pleased if you didn’t comment here. You’re not banned. You’re just asked to leave us alone.


    1. Mark, do you self reflect on your brash hypocrisy asking Swede to leave your place when you do not extend the same courtesy on blogs you are not wanted and continue to use cloaking means to continue your diatribes? Seriously, what is going on?

      BTW, any blog owner, such as you, can do what ever you want. You don’t have to be fair or consistent. You don’t even have to lead by example. I leave you to your self-validated moral and intellectual superiority. BUT, if you don’t find a way to kick yourself in the ass and get over your self-indulgent funk you are headed towards real trouble.


      1. I post at cowgirl as In2it because they allow pseudonyms. It’s a technicality of their making. I do not post under pseudonyms at any other venue.
        Swede was deeply insulting, using the expression “welfare queens” against us here. There is no deeper insult, as we are all independent and self sufficient men here who pay our taxes without whining. He’s got this Galty thing going and cannot be disabused of it. He is deeply stupid. He can push, but tonight, he crossed the line. He’s not banned. He’s just asked to leave.


  3. The Russian anthem is a real crowd pleaser..the rendition on Rocky 4 is a great one. Back in my college days I knew a lot of Russian kids and after much drinking would belt out the tune sung to garbled made up words. They would spring to attention and salute.


    1. God forbid people have “crowd pleasers” as anthems. What next? Golf shirts at the opera?

      It was at a Rockies game when the announcers instructed us to take off our hats for the national anthem. I thought “my head, my hat,” and left it on. I was confronted by a stupid person, ex-military, advising me that I should take off my hat. At all baseball games since, my wife has kindly advised me to be out of the visible seating area during that stupid fucking song.

      I know that people project, and what you wrote here is about how indoctrinated (and inebriated?) Russians are. Please. A little self reflection is In order.


    1. The stuff about private ownership is utter bullshit. Forbes is not an authority on such matters, representing the classes that dispossessed the natives in the first place. You know nothing of the people you supposedly live near. You only know of poverty and poverty of spirit, but you do not know why.


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