PoM moving to private domain

Advertising has gotten totally out of hand on this blog, and I have decided to upgrade to get rid of it. I don’t know the details but assume that with purchase of the domain, readers will automatically be linked from the old address.

Bill Hicks summed it up nicely. Lizard first showed me this performance, Dead-on. Google has gotten so bad that I don’t use it anymore – I cannot get past the paid links. And it’s funny, as each one who pays is guaranteed front page visibility, which cannot be.

In regular venues, I cannot move the cursor over the screen without the annoying pop-ups. They have gotten around pop-up blocking by making them part of the web page. Perhaps the worst is the pre-roll where we are forced to sit through an ad before seeing a video. The worst I ever saw was at a Cincinnati Reds site where a man with a baton backed by noise appeared from the left and danced across the screen hawking cars. That was a browser closer.

The Internet started out a quiet place. Advertisers have done everything in their power to destroy it. They first hit us with pop-ups. Then pre-rolls, and now embedded pop-ups. Spyware tracks our buying behavior. Parasite software sneaks on and asks you to buy their product in our lower right screens, without us even knowing how they got there. I have spent now over two hours removing parasite ads from this computer, a new one. Most recent was a box saying it was time to upgrade my “real player” at one time a real product. It wasn’t that at all. It was parasite programs, and it took a long time to get the bastards off.

Most recently, a bar full of ads appears on this blog screen at the bottom with the slightest maneuver of the mouse on the screen. That was my last straw.

They are ruining the Internet just as they ruined commercial TV and AM radio. What’s that you say? Without the ads we don’t get the content? I DON’T CARE. Without the ad-supported content, something better will come along. PBS and NPR, for all their amazing crap news, offer cultural programming that has few rivals. (Our NPR outlet down here in Denver, by the way, runs advertising all day long. They just don’t call it that.)

Advertising is the curse of modern life. Advertisers have to be annoying and intrusive, subversive, loud and repetitive. They have to get our attention.

Thank you, free market, for destroying our serenity, privacy and sanity with your ads. You really, really suck.

9 thoughts on “PoM moving to private domain

  1. I use Ghostery to block all of the ads and cookies/bugs that track you around the internet. Good stuff! Even gives me some for-pay websites, like the Lee Enterprises ones, for free without the annoying paywall.

    Anyways, last week I watched American: The Bill Hicks Story last week at the Big Sky Doc FilmFest (um… there’s an ad in the HIcks video you embedded linking to a $1.99 viewing of the full movie on YouTube… it’s the best $2 you’ll spend in a long time). The guy is amazing. Too bad he didn’t survive his cancer, and the conspiracist in me wants to note how many geniuses die of pancreatic or other cancers/heart attacks at an early age… But I digress (modern medicine can cure, and modern medicine can… kill???). Here’s another clip from the same Hicks show as you have above, this one a little more probing… and disturbing… and pure genius:


      1. No, it’s not an anti-virus program like McAfee or Norton. It just allows you to control how your browser relates to websites and their attempts to collect information on you. It’s quite good, and as Craig pointed to above, there are several other products that do similar things.


  2. much to my horror, my 5 year old thinks it’s hilarious to repeat ad slogans, partly because he knows it drives me nuts. he even mimics the exaggerated voices, telling me emphatically for example to GO NATIONAL, GO LIKE A PRO! we try to mute ads, but not always, and it’s like visual crack. their brains perk up at the stimulation. instead of feeling too guilty, which I do, I have conversations with my kids about commercials. raising kids in our consumer culture is challenging, to say the least.

    I love that Bill Hicks film. I thought they did an amazing job telling Hicks’ story. I had no idea he started comedy so young. the insights he arrived at with his comedy—it’s hard not to wonder why so many brilliant, subversive talents die young.


    1. Um, maybe your 5 year-old is well on his way to becoming the next Bill Hicks? 😉 And since you guys got me back on the Hicks trip again, I watched Relentless this afternoon. Pure genius.


    1. Facebook might kick me off someday. Whenever the ads appear on the right, I go through them one-by-one and block all ads form that sender. When they ask why, I check the box that says it is sexually explicit.

      FB wants my input so they can know what kind of ads I want to see, by the way. They really do think like that.


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