Professional incuriosity

I said something nasty to Polish Wolf the other day, and that’s OK because he’s nasty to me in turn. The only way to avoid nastiness with him is to give him the respect he thinks he’s due. He’s young and has many years to ripen, so for now I’ll just repeat the nasty statement: “There seems to be a high degree of correlation in this country between self-proclaimed expertise and incuriosity.”

This came to mind last night when I again said something I regret, this time to my son. I immediately took my comment down off of Facebook, but too late. It went out over the tubes. He is young too and has many years to ripen, and him I like quite a bit. So the comment sticks in my craw as a piece of advice that I could have used (but been too dense to grasp) at any time in my life. Wish I’d just shut up.

He put up brief comment about the events in the Ukraine, and there followed another comment from a young friend of his who talked about how awful that the Soviets were invading. I chimed in that it appeared to me that Ukraine had been invaded by the EU. The friend advised me that there were no EU uniforms there. I said oops – my bad. I did not know that invaders always wore uniforms. And my son said that it was off-topic anyway, and that there is lots of stuff there that can’t be knowed. And that’s when I dropped the rich morsel on him. I said “You could try being curious.”

Everything there is knowable. Everything going on now in Egypt and Venezuela is knowable. It’s just history playing out. CIA, MI6, NATO and Mossad have unimaginable resources and can make large events happen, and our incurious news media reports all of it as if it is what it appears to be. But it’s not. Ukraine is what it always has been – a buffer for the Russians against invading western forces. The whole of the World War II played out as just another invasion of Russia. Had not Neville Chamberlain and certain British and American factions wanted that invasion, a certain angry maniacal Austrian would have been stopped early in his tracks.

Ukraine is a breadbasket, and a strategically located country from which force can be projected. Whichever imperial power controls Ukraine has hegemonic power over other places, most notably, the Balkans. It’s part of the great game, and sad for them that lives there to be in a place that imperial powers are concerned about. Like the poor schmucks in Afghanistan.

How do I know this? How can this not be known? I don’t want to brag, but I have many years of curiosity behind me, and these questions are long answered in my mind. These events are easy to understand. It doesn’t do me any good to be the only one I know* who understands them, so all my years of burrowing amount to no useful purpose. That’s why this blog is taking a different tack, on to more important things.

I just wish I knew what those things were.
*Oops! SK, SW – just poor wording. There are at least three of us.

6 thoughts on “Professional incuriosity

  1. The Great Game, for those unfamiliar with the many faces of imperialism, is essential to understanding today’s events. We have simply taken over what the Brits could no longer sustain. Let’s all take off our baseball caps for (1776) American independence.

    Walberg, Eric (2011). Postmodern Imperialism: Geopolitics and the Great Games. Clarity Press. p. 300. ISBN 9780983353935. Retrieved 27 August 2012.

    Hopkirk, Peter (1992). The Great Game: The Struggle for Empire in Central Asia. Kodansha International. p. 564. ISBN 9781568360225. Retrieved 27 August 2012.


      1. Please don’t come here dumping links like we’re all deprived. If you got something to say, do so without caps, folksy greetings and stupid nicknames. Give us evidence you can think clear thoughts all your own.


  2. RT Reports that there are 675,000 refugees in Russia fleeing the new “democratic” regime in Ukraine. In Crimea, the Ukrainian military has jumped ship. This is, like Iraq, not the cake walk that CIA/MI6 imagined.


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