American news outlets, it does not matter which one as they are all alike, are reporting now that Russian troops are amassing on the Ukrainian border. The Russians say that this is not true. I happen to know what is true. I’ll share it.

The Americans are lying and the Russians are telling the truth.

That simple bit of knowledge could rock your world, dear reader, if only it could somehow penetrate the castle wall of propaganda with which our news, education and entertainment systems have so fortified you since you came on board. I remember way, way back that it was but one simple fact, that Americans were lying and Cubans telling the truth about some insignificant matter, that put a small hole in my own dike.

Please watch the movie Wag the Dog. It explains it all. It’s a very funny movie with big names like De Niro and Hoffman and Harrelson and even Willie Nelson. It is entertaining, but in true Hollywood tradition, is smuggling truth to us. It is actually a documentary.

4 thoughts on “Lies

  1. Swede: Embedded above is a link. You are the guy that crop dusts the blogs with links. Go look at this link. If you do not you have no idea what this post is about. That means you should offer no opinions.


    1. I’ve watched the movie. I’m familiar with a lying media

      I was just wondering if they lie about the poor Palestinians and the evil Israelis?


      1. Swede, you’re baiting me, wanting to have one of those arguments where you expose your ignorance without even slight semblance of self-awareness. Like you have any clue of any more than a Limbaugh exposure to the situation in Palestine. Go away.


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