Years ago, 1989 to be precise, I watched a press conference on TV. The US had just bombed Panama. We still have not been told why.* The Secretary of Defense was answering questions, and as I watched him shivers ran down my spine. I was watching and listening to pure evil. His name was Richard Cheney.

This morning I read where one of the fascists who was pivotal in the Ukrainian coup d’etat, Oleksandr Muzychko , was killed point-blank. He was dragged from his car, and once it was determined he was not wearing a bullet proof vest, was dispatched by two gunshots to the chest.

The question: Was Muzychko shot by resistance forces, or was his death ordered by the new Ukrainian government as it tries to clean up its image? If the former, it can be morally justified on grounds of defense of homeland, though it is creepy. If the latter, I get that shiver down my spine again. The mother is eating her children.

This is clipped from an interview with German Left opposition leader Gregor Gysi published on RT.com:

Yes, there are real fascists in the [new Ukrainian] government. They are currently in leading positions. They have the vice-prime minister position, defense minister, and minister of agriculture and environment minister positions. Besides that, there is the co-founder of Svoboda party, who is not a member of this party right now, but he is in charge of the security committee, some sort of intelligence service.

Of course there are democratic forces in the government, but fascists never give up the power they have got hold of.

I had a semantic disagreement with a commenter here one time about JFK’s murder – was it coup d’état? Of course it was, but I said it was not. I was making a finer point and chose poor wording. JFK was dispatched by people who had already taken power and were in key positions to allow the murder to go forward. The real coup d’état took place in 1947 with passage of the National Security Act, Truman’s greatest blunder. (His first, Hiroshima and Nagasaki – the man was a walking disaster, one of the most tragic figures in history.) At that time he allowed the fascists access to positions of power without accountability. In 1963 they merely sealed the deal. We’ve not had a meaningful election or real change of power since. OSS + SS = CIA.

We’re not dealing with ideology. Back in 1989 I was not repulsed by Dick Cheney’s conservatism or belief in free markets (or neoliberalism’s creepy mirror image twin, neoconservatism). Ideology is nothing but a cloak. Ayn Rand provided that cloak, and was too stupid to realize it. Fascists have no ideology but power. That we even call them “fascists” merely concedes that we don’t have a good name for them. “Neo-Nazis” implies that Nazism was some sort of intellectual endeavor. It was not. There is nothing new. These are people who want power for power’s sake. They will use any means to get it.

Who comes to mind? A man who merely described it as he tried to grovel his way back into employment: Niccolò Machiavelli.
“I wonder if Americans think it’s extraneous to analyze the economic precedents of the Panama invasion and the fact that two American cabinet members – not to mention many lower ranking officials – had economic interests that conflicted with Panama’s attempt to broaden its commercial relationship with Japan.” (Manuel Noriega, America’s Prisoner, Noriega/Eisner)

7 thoughts on “Power

  1. We all know the terms sociopath and psychopath describe individuals. We have no real definition for an entire group when it’s captured by one of these, or a group of these, anti-social individuals.

    The U.S. Forest Service may be such a group. It’s quasi-military, immune from personal accountability, highly abusive, and perpetually violent without remourse. Exhibit A: http://www.nifc.gov/fireInfo/fireInfo_documents/SuppCosts.pdf Note the low correlation between $ spent annually and acres burned. Power and money is the game, the forest and the public (rightful owners and sole financial support) are incidental to agency goals. Parisitic in the extreme.


    1. Any organization, taken over by psychopaths, will exhibit pathological behavior. The decent people within these organizations are soon running for cover and their places are taken by cronies. It could be a city government, a company, or the Forest Service, long under pressure to deliver results for industry.

      I just explained the mafia to you, by the way. Put bad people in positions of power, and bad things follow.


        1. If you are working public land issues, as Steve is, you use the legal system to force the agencies to obey the law. You don’t engage in their tactics. Lawsuits have been successful, which is why people like Tester, who knows where power lies, try to make them illegal.


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