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This might qualify as a Paul Harvey “The Rest of the Story” piece. It is simply amazing how much evidence private researchers have accumulated over the past decades concerning the JFK assassination. They’ve identified the shooters, locations of the snipers’ nests, the probable command center, the role of officer Tippett, and some of the high-profile people who made it all happen.

Most players, of course, were involved only on a need-to-know basis. Once they realize what is going down, that they are part of a major crime, they know they are in deep trouble and so shut up. Ole Dammegård has spent the last 30 years investigating JFK and other crimes and has gotten some of these insiders to talk.

He noticed that the 1986 murder of Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme had many similarities to JFK, and so came to realize that the formula for murder of high-profile people is pretty much the same over time and no matter the place. Mechanics are brought in from many places, some fire blanks so that the real murderer is never certain and all are accountable. A patsy is selected and sheepdipped, the murder committed (and the patsy murdered too if he cannot otherwise be kept quiet). A cover-up ensues that goes on for decades thereafter.

It appears that the cover-up takes more planning than the crime itself. There are still people in Langley and other places tasked with minding the details of the JFK murder, along with other high-profile crimes.

This is just a small detail but caught my eye. It was a piece of information from Dammegård coupled with something else a I had read. Dammegård says that a CIA agent based in LA in 1963, Chauncy Holt, was tasked with producing fake ID’s for all of the bogus Secret Service agents that were running around Dealey Plaza after the murder, confiscating film and tracking and interviewing (and intimidating) potential problem witnesses. Holt was not a witting participant in the crime. He was told to take the fake ID’s to Dallas and give them to a man named Charles Harrelson for handling.

Charles Harrelson was born in Midland, Texas, and married Diane Lou Oswald, just a coincidental name. He was a professional hitman, and was arrested in 1979 for killing a federal judge. He died in prison. Charles and Diane had three sons, Jordan, Brett, and Woodrow.

That last one, Woodrow Tracy Harrelson, is better known today as Woody Harrelson, the actor. I’ve long liked the guy and notice that he takes part in activist causes, plays edgy characters, and was in an insider’s delight of a truth-smuggling movie called Wag the Dog. He is also skeptical of the official story about 9/11. I wonder how much he knows about JFK, and if his Dad ever told him anything about the events of that day from his prison cell.

Update: Silly me – Charles Harrelson, I learn, has long been thought to be one of the the three “tramps” who were led from Dealey Plaza by fake cops and released that day. There is a very strong resemblance. First, the tramps (the third, presumably E. Howard Hunt, is hidden from view in this photo): image

And a close up of the faces, the center tramp and the known Charles Harrelson.

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