Piece of cake

Most of our thinking is done for us by others. Part of what we think is that we think our own thoughts. That’s part of the thinking that is done for us – the part about allowing us to imagine that our thoughts are our own. But they are not.

The means by which is this done is simple. We are given “facts” that can only lead to certain opinions. Any opinions that we might have that do not embrace those facts are out-of-place and considered oddball.

Once we agree on the facts, there is little room for disagreement, but there is some. That minor variation in views creates two parties. But the two parties are more a fracture in personality types than in viewpoints. One party is composed of hard-boiled authoritarians. The other is composed of softer nurturing types.

Here’s an example of how it works: The “facts” are that there is a spontaneous uprising in Ukraine, and it is featured in our news. Our news does not inform us, but rather directs our attention.

Such uprisings are common and usually not featured in our news, but this one was. The president of Ukraine is said to be a bad person who was not elected fairly. The people of his country want to be westerners, and he wants them to be easterners. The spontaneous uprising keeps getting worse. He orders gunmen to to fire into a crowd, and that sets off riots. He flees, and a new government, a good one, takes over. But the Russians Vladimir Putin interfere[s] and keep[s] taking parts of the country for themselves himself.

Here is what we are allowed to think: Our president, Obama, was [or was not] strong enough in standing up to Vladimir Putin. That is it. No other opinions are tolerated.

See how easy thought control is? Control information, control thoughts. Piece of cake.

One thought on “Piece of cake

  1. Liberal: a power worshipper without power.
    – George Orwell

    We are deep into “doublespeak” and “doublethink” — surrounded — and haven’t the faintest notion that somewhere back there we took a very wrong turn.


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