Ukraine notes

CIA head Brennan
CIA head Brennan
The CIA is generally headed by civilized looking men in suits, but the current head looks the part of an agency involved in murder, drug smuggling, violent coups, assassinations (domestic and foreign) and terrorism all over the globe.

He is John O. Brennan, and he scares me. He was in Kiev over the weekend trying to find the remnants of a Greystone legion (formerly Blackwater), for-hire terrorists sent into Ukraine during the recent overthrow of that government.

In other news, Thierry Meysson reports that the Polish government under Donald Tusk had trained the agents that went into Ukraine to foment the violence. Says Meysson, these agents were trained for four weeks beginning in September of 2013 in

  • crowd management
  • person recognition
  • combat tactics
  • command skills
  • behavior in crisis situations
  • protection against gases used by police
  • erecting barricades, and
  • especially shooting, including the handling of sniper rifles.

If I were investigating the February 18 incident in which 25 people were killed, I would start here.

So, if true, we have here a violation of international law by the Polish government, supported of course, by the United States. Just as Turkey is using Al Qaeda to undermine Syria, to too is Poland using terrorists to undermine a government that the west wants done away with. It is international terrorism, Gladio, still up and running.

And we have the usual suspects who eat it all up. It helps to understand how an American administration can get way with this without recrimination. It is the American world view. Democrats hold the White House. That’s all they need to know.

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