An act of betrayal

I link below to an interesting interview with Sergey Lavrov by RT’s Sophie Shevardnadze (@SophieCo_RT). He is Russia’s Foreign minister, so it is natural there is going to be some deference there that might not be present if she were interviewing someone from another country, as, say, when the great clown Charlie Rose interviewed Bashar Assad and suddenly became a confrontational journalist. Lavrov gives good background to the crisis, but Russians always play chess, so there is much left unsaid. He states clearly that Americans are running the Ukrainian show from eleven thousand miles away, and that the new regime answers to them and no others.

Regarding the matter of Russian provocations, Lavrov says that they have acted legally, and wonder why the US constantly says “Russia must do this, Russia must do that,” while the US feels no obligation to follow up on agreements reached in Geneva in February. Case in point: the US now demands that Russia disarm Eastern Ukrainian protesters, as if protesting has suddenly become uncool.

Sophie Shevardnadze: Russia cannot pressure these [Eastern Ukrainian] self-defense forces to put down arms unless …

Sergey Lavrov: Yes, and we do not have any moral authority to pressure the East or the South to do something unilaterally in front of the army, being ordered to go against them, in front of the right Sector who should have been, must have been disarmed long ago and in the face of the political prisoners who continue to be taken.

The Kiev government has decided that demonstrations in the country are now acts of terrorism, giving it a right to use violence to put them down. For Russia to step in and demand that Ukrainians disarm themselves in the face of deadly force would be an act of betrayal.

Makes perfect sense. Read the whole interview for better insight than one snippet offers.

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