We’ll soon be hearing stuck pigs

Russian President Vladimir Putin is currently the object of a propaganda demonization campaign in the United States, and because the same power centers that controls our flow of information also owns the entertainment outlets, he is getting it from every angle, from Jimmy Fallon to Brian Williams, George Will to Barack Obama – from the smart comic to the stupid anchorman, the wily pundit to the weak political tool.

I don’t think this matters in the long run. We cannot stop the propaganda, and anyway, American public opinion has never been anything more than a force to be controlled, kept in its box so that it does not interfere with public policy. When it gets out of its box, as in the “sixties,” leaders get worried. So the demonization, the agitation, has to be ignored, and I think it is once we leave the bubble called the United States. We are our own self-fulfilling war machine, creating and then attacking new demons on a regular basis. We have to have our wars.

In the meantime, Putin is a figure of respect on the international stage, taken seriously in Europe and Asia as well as at home. His words are always measured, and deeds as well. No one doubts his ability to lead, where few outside this country think Obama has real chops.

Russia is currently measuring its response to the Ukrainian junta and its attacks on its own civilians. Putin says that the new ruling committee does have a support base, but not a majority of public approval, and since it is using its military to suppress its own population, and does not consult its parliament (but rather its masters abroad), uses that word, junta,

a council or committee for political or governmental purposes; especially : a group of persons controlling a government especially after a revolutionary seizure of power.

Since 9/11, America has shown awesome propaganda and brute force. The brutality with which the American regime attacked Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and (and currently Syria) was hard to watch, disgusting bestiality, but more disgusting was the complete control of perceptions and opinions within our borders. Any who objected to the attacks were marginalized, even driven off the airwaves for the slightest offense, as was Bill Maher (since dumbed down and tamed). To object to the masters and their whips required yelling out over the carnival and all of the dazzled patrons, none able to think clearly, all drunk with anger and seeking vindication. It was the golden moment for our fascists to attack, seven countries were to fall. I wanted to crawl into a hole, move to another country and be away from the ugliness and stupidity. There was no escape.

More troubling still was how public opinion was measured and manipulated yet again in 2008. Those with the whips knew that Bush had lost what little hold he had, that people were tired of that image as a fake leader and needed a new one, more cerebral and calming. Barack Obama was tagged not in 2008 to be president, but rather, and this is most discouraging, in 2004. We were told that this wonderfully charismatic young black man gave a dazzling speech at the Democratic Convention. It was fairly mundane. He was suggested to us as a potential great leader. But it is impressive to see that the leaders knew to answer to the moral indignation of the liberals of this land by giving them a black man or a woman to choose from, ideological validation. Both Obama and Hillary Clinton are tools and warmongers, she a raging psychopath (married to a suave and clever one), he not so easy to peg. If French President Sarkozy can be given credit for insight, he probably nailed it when he said that Barack Obama is merely a weak man.

Something has changed. The Ukrainian coup d’état was a product of brute force and naked aggression. All of American punditry is required to misidentify these elements, to pretend in public that these are democratic forces that seized power and who are not using military force against their own citizens. Looking about it is hard to know who pretends in public that does not also delude themselves in private. To live a lie is difficult, so that the mind usually follows the pocketbook. News anchors are merely stupid people, but writers and pundits have more on display and have to get it right to be invited to appear on TV. There are brains at work there, and the compromises behind the faces are serious and disabling.

These are not just our right-wing pundits, by the way. It’s all of them, total spectrum dominance. They are all afraid, or don’t know, to speak up. We are a tightly controlled totalitarian state.

At this time, we are witnessing democratic forces in Ukraine playing out a counter-revolution, and the monsters in Kiev are required to adopt the language of civilized people to put it down. Putin is having none of it. I assume that when Russians in Ukraine are threatened with violence, he will act to protect them. American leaders and pundits will squeal like the stuck pigs. Would that they really were just that. As I have said many times, our leadership class needs to be showing us the toe-twitch at the end of a rope that we handed out to the criminals on the losing side of the last great war.

2 thoughts on “We’ll soon be hearing stuck pigs

  1. This, just in from the Russian news agency:

    KIEV, April 24. /ITAR-TASS/. Ukraine’s extremist organization Right Sector has moved its headquarters from Kiev to Dnepropetrovsk, said its leader Dmitry Yarosh who is running for president.

    “It’s easier to monitor the situation in Donbass from Dneptropetrovsk,” Yarosh said on Wednesday.

    Earlier, local media reported a meeting in camera between Yarosh and head of the Dneptropetrovsk regional administration Igor Kolomoisky.

    The Right Sector leader denied receiving funding from oligarchs. “We’re not using oligarchs’ money in politics, but when a war is on, we do not object to their funding the army,” he said. [emphasis added]

    I think that any global power watcher’s playbook would call this an admission of the growth of a military fascists state. An oligarchical-funded military during war is the classic definition of fascism.

    Of course, the telling phrase was reported out of Russia right after Joe Biden was “advising” the junta in Kiev (for the Ukrainian military to mobilize on eastern Ukraine, building on CIA chief Brennan’s plan?) so it will go unnoticed in the western press.


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