It is just gas pains

What it all boils down to is this: Some large energy concerns, Chevron among them, want to develop the natural gas of Ukraine, and so had to dispose of the old government, which was too close to Russia.

Everything else is cover. No one ever cared about democracy, of course. That’s a given. But the other concerns – Russia’s need for a buffer against repeated western invasions, Russia’s need for a warm weather port, the fascist and neo-Nazi elements that now occupy the Vichy government in Kiev … real enough, I suppose.

But not the driver.

6 thoughts on “It is just gas pains

  1. 93 million shares – $11.5 billion, becomes a force unto itself, and all efforts are made to preserve it.

    All wealth goes through stages, acquisition, accumulation, preservation, that kick into motion the forces we see around us called imperialism. What I have noticed over the years as a tax preparer is that older people especially lay awake at night worrying about losing wealth. The money takes on a life of its own, and becomes the driving force in their lives, and anyone seen as a threat to that wealth, usually politicians who talk about taxes, are the enemy. Never do they lose faith in those who drive the boom/bust cycle, far more abusive than taxation.


  2. Vicki Nuland, Assistant Secretary of State for Europe and Eurasian Affairs, laid it all out very clear last December at an International Business Conference, sponsored by Chevron and their Ukraine-in-Washington lobby group:

    This is where she said the 5 billion dollar U.S. investment in Ukraine quote (with Chevron’s chevron for a backdrop). Of course, after that sort of investment, return needs to be substantial, and guaranteed. And who better to back the return than the U.S. taxpayers and their government/CIA proxies? It is all so transparent, and corrupt.


    1. Amazing how people just don’t pay attention to anything. Nanothermite are a false lead, a “look here not here” blind alley to keep you away from what really happened. Ergo, book is a waste of time. Read Where Did the Towers Go by Dr. Judy Woods.


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