Our prison of lies

Gidget goes to Hanoi
Gidget goes to Hanoi
My reading these days, like my thinking in general, is unfocused. I find it hard to care too much about anything.

But a common theme is emerging, so there is benefit to my lack of focus. Here are some of the things I’ve been dabbling in:

  • The Moses Myth, or the book Did Moses Exist?, by Dorothy M. Murdock. Why even ask the question? Of course he did not exist. But it is by asking the right questions that we stumble on to other knowledge.
  • Barry Soetero: I don’t know who Obama is and I don’t care. The idea that Ronald Reagan, an actor, and George W. Bush, a shallow frat boy (not to mention George H.W. Bush, an uncommon criminal) can hold the office of president only means that the office of president itself is a fraud. That the current occupant is a fraud as well … duh.
  • Benghazi: Something happened there. As with Barry Soetero, there are some very strident voices in the background intent on getting our attention. Again, I don’t care. It is obviously a covert op of some kind and timed to affect the election outcome, and it did not work.
  • Laurel Canyon: Musicians are no more or less likely to die premature deaths than any of us, but Dave McGowan’s wanderings in the canyon (Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon) point at something sinister. I have long known that John Lennon was murdered by our lurking dark forces, but add to that list Cass Elliot, Dennis Wilson, Gram Parsons, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Gary Hinman, Duane Allman, Janis Joplin and on and on … these are not accidental deaths. McGowan has stumbled into something freakishly big.

What is the common thread in all of this? Public mythology.

The Moses myth came about some time after the sixth century BC, and perhaps only survives by happenstance. “Moses” could be anyone. Moses is used today to solidify the myth of the Jewish people, the Chosen Ones, the Diaspora, the historical claim of certain fascist elements to the land in the Levant we call the State of Israel, so it is not unimportant. But the Jewish race was insignificant, and even those we call Ashkenazi are not even of the Levant. It’s quite a big lie.

President Obama is just a guy pulled off the street and chosen to be president. He too has a mythology built around him, an aura. His purpose is to carry on the work of the fascistic elements in our society while pulling off the appearance as a black intellectual and liberal. His race is a key element in his con game. It was well understood by 2008 that the Bush scam had run its course, and a new one was needed to take his place. His name – we’re not quite sure what it really is.

Benghazi – stuff like that goes on all the time, an intelligence operation exposed followed by a cover-up. What was the purpose of the “attack” for which the doors were left open, the guards told not to respond? I want to think election politics, which would indicate that the Romney people were behind it, as they stood to benefit most. And again, I don’t care. Remember that the “Obama” people pulled off the “killing” of Usama bin Laden. It’s all for show, done for effect. Sometimes it works, and as with Benghazi, sometimes it doesn’t.

“I was disappointed to find out that my 10 favorite drummers were all Hal Blaine.” (Bruce Gary (1951-2006) drummer, The Knack)

Jim Morrison with his dad, Admiral George Stephen Morrison, who commanded the fleet in the Gulf Of Tonkin in 1964.
Jim Morrison with his dad, Admiral George Stephen Morrison, who commanded the fleet in the Gulf Of Tonkin in 1964.
Laurel Canyon – as Karl Rove or Dick Cheney reminded us, we in the “reality based community” are free to wander around in the ashes and reassemble the truth, as the myth-makers are off on new and better scams. My own take on McGowan’s discovery of the intelligence connection and the LA music scene of the mid-60’s is that the public execution of John F. Kennedy had deeply impacted the American psyche. The result was a shaking loose of the old rigid moorings. The Beatles unleashed near uncontrollable adolescent hormonal rage, Civil Rights was threatening a real race revolution, and a serious antiwar movement was bubbling the campuses. Although nascent at the time, women were demanding to be set free, environmentalists were organizing as a serious threat to corporate power.

A group of young men and women, almost all of them having parents in the intelligence and military industrial complex, were suggested to us to be very talented musicians. Some of them were. Most were frauds, their songs written by others, their music performed by a group of studio musicians organized by Phil Spector and informally called The Wrecking Crew. With them came a conscious effort by our dark forces to introduce new style (‘hippies”) and drugs into our existence. All of the movements of the time are now associated with hippies and weird dress and drugs, and thereby discredited.

The single most destructive force was not a musician, but rather an actress, Jane Fonda (her dad Hank was an intel op in the war, so there is a common thread). She alone branded the peace movement as flippant, and her stint in Hanoi in 1972 set everything back ten years.

Because so many of these “musicians” were well-connected (even if not knowledgeable about their roles) they were considered unreliable, and so were systematically murdered as their threat status was monitored. If Jane was real, she would not have gone on to her stellar career. She too would have turned up dead.

It all makes sense. Our entire culture is steeped in lies and mythology. Nothing we know is real, every story from the Lincoln Assassination to Pearl harbor to JFK to Tonkin to Cass Elliot and her ham sandwich to Charles Manson and Helter Skelter nothing more than a modern version of the Moses myth. We live in lies. everything we know is false. Control of popular culture is as important as control of academia and news. Nothing can escape the prison of lies. Those who try, or even pose a mild threat, are murdered.

15 thoughts on “Our prison of lies

  1. I finally got the book and am halfway through. even though I read a lot of this online as McGowan did his research, the book is re-blowing my mind.


  2. Curious whether you believe the office changes the man, Toke, or is the inverse more likely the case. Is the new pontiff a fraud as well? Can human failings be bred out of the species? Does communitarianism beget leadership, Toke, or is the inverse more likely the case?

    Executives execute: get used to it.


    1. People are not in charge of institutions. Quite the opposite, they can exert only minor influence. If indeed they change or seriously want to change institutions or policies, as JFK learned, their future options can be limited.

      Suppose, for example, that the CEO of General Foods has a fit of conscience and decides that marketing sugar to children is immoral. He sets about to change company policy on that matter. What happens?

      He is no longer the CEO of General Foods.

      He sits there, in that chair. He either buys in, or opts out.

      Your attitude is very similar to people who think that journalists write news – that they go out and learn what is going on and write about it. They are heavily supervised and edited, and learn after a few years what they can and cannot do and internalize it. Once they are defused, they are left free to report as they see fit, as it us understood that they see fit as the institution commands.

      You really have a skewed view of how large organizations function. I suppose that explains your attitude about politics, that electing Democrats makes a difference. Politicians, like journalists, are defused before they ever attain office.


          1. It is my studied opinion that your blog comments are fragments from an ongoing inner dialogue, and that even though they make no sense taken out of context, that your inner voices in context are perfectly rational.


  3. And people say institutions are corrupt. I have said that more than once. Actually, they’re just getting with the program. Get out of line, you’re in for some re-grooving. Slow learner? You’re unemployed, unemployable if you don’t shape up.


    1. Institutions respond to those who own them. Those who apparently sit in power usually have very little real power. As if you don’t know this.

      Then check out the political system – who owns it? Those who vote, or those who finance it? No secret, my view is.


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