Today’s puzzle pieces

Are you as confused as I am about the expanding conflict as US-backed terrorist forces advance on Baghdad, while the Iraqi government seeks help from the US? What is ISIS? What is IEIL? Who is Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi? Here’s a clue:

Baghdadi fought in some capacity with Sunni militant groups after the U.S. invasion of Iraq but was arrested in 2005 and interred by U.S. forces at Camp Bucca, the main U.S. detention facility after the closing of Abu Ghraib. He wasn’t considered much of a threat and was released in 2009.

Translation: He was trained by the US over the period 2005 and then put into action in 2009. You gotta know how to read this stuff – the US prisons at Guantanamo, Bucca, Abu Ghraib are not in any sense prisons, but serve two purposes: Torture facilities, and terrorist training centers.(Did you really think they were keeping Gitmo open all these years to hold some ragtags they picked up in Afghanistan in 2001? Those poor souls have to be mere window dressing to disguise the true purpose of the place.)

That’s just a side note, and yes, I am confused as you, dear reader. Understand that, according to Voltaire, IEIL (ISIS) is overseen by French, American and Saudi officers. The object has to be the breakup of Iraq, which in the wake of the US defeat and withdrawal in 2011, has been considered a client state of Iran. So expect Iran to get involved in this dangerous, explosive situation.

Here’s some briefs from Voltaire, here, here and here. Moon of Alabama is doing its usual good work too. Do avoid American news, unless you are analyzing it for lie content. That is the only thing those moving lips indicate.

Of course, distrusting American news and government pronouncements does not convey truth-telling status on any other news source. As with everything else in this world, we are handed a bag of puzzle pieces. Our job is to find the ones that fit and see if a picture forms before our eyes. Confusion is the normal starting point.

16 thoughts on “Today’s puzzle pieces

  1. Here’s a puzzle piece that won’t go away, is connected at the hip to neocons in USA, and gets invites to top international finance conferences, even after he proved to be a total fake, fool and moron. Kind of reminds me of Victoria Newland with no hair.

    Now, if anyone thinks these geniuses (Chalabi and Newland) are pupetteers, and not puppets, no way we’ll ever unravel the mystery. On the other hand, what connects the dots of the last several years better than published plans by neocons in the 1980’s and 1990’s, that became reality in 2003, and continue according to script to this day? Does this not resemble, exactly, the PNAC (The Project for the New American Century)?

    Amazing read. What a freaking unbelievable coincidence. Is there any other plan, anywhere in existence, that might help explain the foreign policy/military twists and turns of the past 10 years in the Middle East? I’m all ears.


  2. I was putting some puzzle pieces together this morning.

    “Russian intelligence agencies are covertly funding and working with European environmental groups to campaign against fracking and maintain EU dependence on Russian gas, the head of Nato has claimed.

    Answering questions after a speech in London, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Nato secretary-general, said improving European energy security was of the “utmost importance” and accused Moscow of “blackmail” in its dealings with Europe. “I have met allies who can report that Russia, as part of their sophisticated information and disinformation operations, engaged actively with so-called non-governmental organisations – environmental organisations working against shale gas – to maintain European dependence on imported Russian gas,” Mr Rasmussen, former Danish prime minister, told an audience at Chatham House, the international affairs think-tank”. . . .-FT


    1. Fair enough, but here’s another piece to consider: Russia does not need the European market, which Putin signaled with his trip to China. The European market needs Russia, which is why Biden’s son (just a name we happen to know) is moving in, to try to help EU escape that dependence.

      But there’s a larger problem that the US sees that others aren’t troubled by: that dependence on Russia for gas is not a problem, as Russia is a benign agent that needs the revenue from the gas as much as EU needs the gas. (That’s called a “free market,” which you seem to despise when it really does work now and then.) This is why Merkel is conciliatory towards the Russians – she’s not buying into the scare scenario. She might even fear US dominance via fracking agents over Russia’s relatively benign sources. I know I would.

      In international affairs, there are no friends, only potential enemies. NATO has long been the agent by which the US has dominated European affairs, and from which some would like to escape.


      1. Putin is playing defense. When the full effect of political backlash culminates in the next two elections the Atlantic could be filled with natural gas container ships.

        Which begs the question is Russia and others influencing our elections? Has Biden been a staunch supporter of green energy knowing that his son benefits from blocked development?

        More pieces for the puzzle.

        EU reliance numbers.


        1. “Putin” is an interesting choice of words. Try thinking “Russian Federation,” because I am interested if the words that really cross your mind are “Soviet Union,” making you a cold warrior long after that propaganda meme ceased to be used. The Russians are not an imperialist force, but rather a counter-imperialist one at this point in time, which is why they have been transformed in your mind via our propaganda system into the demon “Putin.” (If only he had a mustache!)

          Since our elections do not have any meaningful impact on our public polices, I don ‘t care what or who is influencing them. They are all for show anyway. You might as well be as concerned about the student council election at Shepherd High.


          1. Cash any Russians checks lately?

            KIEV, Ukraine — A Russian online marketing firm’s covert American trolling campaign to create a tidal wave of Kremlin-approved online comments is more ambitious than previously thought, new leaked documents show.
            Reports leaked by a hacker collective on Tuesday appear to have been written by an employee of the Internet Research Agency, a St. Petersburg-based company with apparent ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s favorite caterer, and detail the company’s efforts to create a million-dollar “troll army” in the comments section of American websites, including the New York Times, Washington Post, and BuzzFeed, among others.-buzzfeed


    2. Gee, I wonder if Russia spends as much on environmental concerns in Europe as we do, via NED, on subverting the political landscape in Russia, through the distribution of almost $8 million in grants in 2013 alone. I particularly like the $92,000 our taxpayer dollars spent on blogging schools in Russia. I wonder how we can get some of that money spent domestically to help school our local cadre of bloggers and commenters? I know you could use some schooling!


          1. Yeah. Truth is our schools are knee deep in political indoctrination, busy making good consumers and wage slaves and fodder for the military cannon. Home schooling is a good thing, but I wish people used it for more than religious indoctrination.


  3. Overestimating gas (and oil) reserves ( by an estimated 100% fits the classic “pump-and-dump” model ( that more typically targeted micro-cap and small-cap investment offerings in the past. Now, with bigger pr budgets, bigger CIA/military involvement and bigger MSM hype, the strategy is moving quickly, higher up the investment food chain, and into the energy sector in particular. The latest manufactured instability in Iraq, Libya, Ukraine/Russia and Iran — all major non-Saudi producers — favors another temporary price spike. A lot of money will be made by “speculators” and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on (the pump) the way up, and as prices (the dump) fall after the suckers have been rounded up and placed their bets on the next “sure thing.” Throw in a little “deregulation” a la’ renewed “fast track” trade authority for Asia and Europe, and the next great financial bubble is ready for the Wall Street vultures to realize some long-awaited “growth” and profit.


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