Rich droppings

Someone called “Just a Guy” dropped a nice little nugget over at 4&20, linked here. Apparently, according to the article by Floyd Brown of Wall Street Daily, Bryan Schweitzer has used the office of governor of Montana for shakedown purposes.

There’s an expression for what he’s done: extortion. He’s used the office and his creds as governor or bully two mining companies.

Just a Guy notes the indignation at Schweitzer’s intemperate (but funny) remarks about Sen Diane Feinstein, who never met a wiretap she didn’t like until she was the object. He wonders why his real crimes pass unnoticed.

Me too.

Big Swede dropped a comment below linking to a Daily Beast article on how a 27-year old sociopath named Hillary D. Rodham got a rapist off, later laughing (her now-trademark cackle?) laugh on tape about how he passed a lie detector test even as she knew he was guilty.

The rape victim, then 12, has had a less-than-charmed life since Hillary Clinton got her assailant off, and now wonders how such a liar is qualified to be president. She obviously does not follow American politics.

3 thoughts on “Rich droppings

  1. just wrote up a post on Hillary, who is quickly becoming my Ryan Zinke. I doubt this will put much of a dent in her support from brainwashed Democrats incapable of seeing the substance beyond the vagina.


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