A conundrum

Iraq is under attack again, this time ellegedly by Sunni-led forces straight off duty from terrorizing liberating Syria. National Pentagon Radio reports that Iraq “claims” to have retaken the city of Tikrit, and Iraq reports this as fact. What is true? Why do I need to know anyway?

Put a different way, what is the role of American news media? Is it to keep me informed? Or, more likely, is it to keep me uninformed?

And if their job were to keep me in the dark, how best to do that? One way would be to simply pick up the microphone and tell me to mind my own business, that these things are all above my pay grade anyway. But that would be counterproductive, as it would only stimulate my curiosity.

So the best course of action in keeping me uninformed would be to pretend to keep me informed, and to invest tons of money simply to build an image of people dedicated to reporting things that are true. As The late Johnny Carson was so fond of saying of his job, comedy, “if people buy the premise, they will buy the bit.”

So the best thing to do is to get off the American grid and seek information elsewhere. But wait a minute. American “news” reporters are quick to report to me that China’s Internet is heavily censored, and that Chinese people don’t even know it because they cannot access web sites that would tell them as much.

Them dumb Chinese. Surely Americans can access anything and everything without censorship … wait a minute. What’s wrong with this picture. Our news media lies to us all day long, but we are free to access information elsewhere on our own? This, in a fake reality environment propped up daily in every corner of our existence including movies and television programming?

I deliberately avoid American news reporting, and seek information elsewhere. Does this make me better informed, or better deluded?

7 thoughts on “A conundrum

    1. We’re driving today so I did not have enough signal to answer your P&T link, which I did watch while were in Casper. Those two have a lot of smug going, and Penn is a smart guy, but they don’t ever really get to the bottom of anything. This is a perfect example, where they are praising the US, where our supposed freedoms are illusions and people are stupid and deeply indoctrinated, with China, which really has made great strides in lifting hundreds of millions out of poverty, and where people are free to a larger degree than us and do have political dialogues. It all butts up against cement blockheads like yours and Penn’s, smug that you know stuff, oblivious that you don’t know shit, and never will because you’ll never lift your head out of your dark places and see for yourself.

      That”s what I meant by “whoosh.” That’s all the signal I had west of Casper.


      1. Just teasing ya Mark.

        Say, my wife had some business down at our local school. We were to run some errands after so I brought the Macbook Air along knowing I could get internet in the parking lot.

        Guess what? The filter system blocks your site, along with the NRA and porn.


      2. stop with the ‘I’m just teasing’ crap! You’re not. You really are a cinder block. You’re on display at all times. Denial does not matter.

        Headed I to YNP for the week, where all Internet is blocked.


        1. Can’t think of better place for a anti-patriot to go.

          Hundreds of miles away of any known fireworks display celebrating our independence.


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