Take this study and shove it

This has been bugging me, and it was in the comments and not a private conversation, so I will pass it along here. A guy named Truthwillwin1 came here after I had paid a brief visit to Doug Ernst’s blog, and offered up a the following “study” he and others had done. This has to be the batshit craziest nonsense I have ever seen:

We recently did conduct a fun study to see if people are hypocritical in their views on giving and it had some interesting results. The study was conducted in 2 phases.

Phase one was to ask if all people should be covered for health care and we asked about their views on the fairness of the tax system.

Months later the same group of people (968 people) was asked a question something like this. If you received an A in this class would you be willing to reduce your grade to a B and give others in your class the points in order to help the ones that are failing pass?

The results were very interesting (a quick summary):

  • 436 believed we should all have health care.
  • 863 believed the top brackets should get a higher tax to support the lower income groups.
  • 39 stated they would take a grade reduction to help others.

When it came to actually providing the assistance the majority was against it, yet when it would come from others they were fine with having them embrace the burden.

The next goal may be to see how much a person is willing to pay…

WTF? Giving away a grade? How about instead of that give away intelligence or good looks? I know what the mindset is behind this, that money is a symbol of success and accomplishment, in and of itself a valuable commodity rather than a device used to enable commerce. And that is the funniest thing about this study – normally they try to be clever and disguise their objectives. They did so in this study, and here is what they discovered: The people doing the study do not understand money, social structure, caring and compassion, or the health care system. They are stupid.

By the way, I pay taxes and willingly support Medicare and Social Security and assistance for those who are in true need. I would never give away an “A” I had earned in a class. That’s dumb. I told him I thought the study was more education than a survey of attitudes, and that it was contrived to boot. He got angry, commented that he’s a professional in these matters, and left in a huff. Which is OK – he’s the type with a cannot let someone else have the last word. Since I am that type too, we were doomed to tragedy, hours of painful exchange. This is not meant for bait. He’s gone and there are no links.

It’s just so freaking stupid that it needs to be highlighted. What payroll is he on? Are my taxes paying for this nonsense? This, AND we have to pay for their stupid wars? Jesus! Give a poor citizen a break. Now they’re just rubbing our faces in it.

9 thoughts on “Take this study and shove it

  1. Mark, I have to give you props and due credit for taking this guy to task for his “study”. What he presented wasn’t a ‘study’, it was an unverifiable anecdote of Randian delusion. If it were a ‘study’ then it would be documented, published at least at some level, and very easily pointed to …somewhere. Yet he links back here, whining his sorry unprofessional ass off that you didn’t ‘give him time’ to “provide the information”. He claims to have been involved as an administrator of the study and he doesn’t have the information? Whatever; fans have been waiting for years for George R.R. Martin’s next work of fiction.

    I too would like to know what assumptions went into this psuedo-scientific effort at Atlas-shrugging fantasy. Was it ever established that sharing grades would actually “help” anyone else on a survival level (like health care, or public weal)? It seems the only assumption well clarified is that the ‘studiers’ were convinced of a hypocrisy, whether one was exhibited or not. That much was made clear. So, this is one of the very few times I will thank you for ‘schooling’ somebody, if for no other reason than saving me the trouble.

    Off topic, please don’t recycle your snarky blog comments on my Facebook page. That’s kind of shabby.


    1. There is no study. “968” sounds authoritative until you realize that quantity does not matter if they have done their diligence. He was trying to impress me that the study had creds. It’s a crock, he’s a poseur. That much is clear.

      Not sure what I did wrong on FB other than be Mark. If you want to unfriend me I have no problems as I am not sure how we got friended. I might have been drunk.


  2. I just left the following comment at ‘truth’s’ website. It is awaiting moderation. Whether it ever gets posted or not is up to him, though he will no doubt read my earlier comment here and take that into account for his ‘moderation’.

    Apologies, but what study are you referring to? You post an anecdote about such a thing, but there is nothing else to review at all. What were your data markers? Your review process or collection methods? How was you sample group chosen? Was this study published or reviewed? It seems that many of your commenters are very unhappy that this ‘troll’ disparages your ‘study’ when you’ve presented no study to look at. Is it possible for you to correct this misunderstanding, in the interests of conversation, of course?

    Frankly, I would really like to see such a ‘study’, taste it’s bones so to speak.


    1. The study is illogical, as giving up a grade is not something we can reasonably do any more than we can give up our family heritage or integrity. Such a study, with 968 participants, would have to have undergrad support and all the stuff you mention. The guy’s a phony.

      On the other hand, paying into a tax system for a community good from which we can derive benefits like security as well as enjoy community … Priceless. His group does not share that feeling. Maybe he’ll go Galt on us.


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