The end of the news cycle

Every critical student of American news media knows that there is only a brief window in which news reporting has value, and that is within a few hours after events. Thereafter, agencies weigh in, executive orders come down, spooks and moles start messing around, and everything is corrupted.

With an event like the downing of NH17 in Ukraine, where there was obviously foreknowledge, the chances of getting clean reporting are even more remote.

At this point, the US and Russia have agreed that Russia will not be blamed. It is a given that, guilty or not, the US will be neither investigated or blamed.

imageWhat can we conclude? It was either a US spook covert operation that did not go down as planned, or a true accident.

My guess … As a long time student of the US and the psychopaths and lying liars who run this asylum? Need you ask?

The conclusion of most Americans, tied as they are to American news and entertainment (but I repeat myself): It was the Soviets. I mean Russians. I mean Putin.

Thanks to Swede for link to Newsweek as seen here.

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