Aliens among us

My last 26 years have been a quest to understand our world, and to a small degree I think I have succeeded. There are two key features of our existence that cast a dark shadow over every human affair.

Psychopaths: It’s as if the planet was seeded with two species, regular humans, and psychopaths. Whether they are two or five or ten percent of the population, they live among us posing as regular humans. They have enormous advantage, as they understand us (while we are only beginning to get a grip on them). They imitate us. They appear to have a breeding advantage as they can bring tremendous sexual energy to the mating game. Even as they live among us, appear to be part of us, they are really just stalking us. They have no great ideas, do not dedicate their lives to any cause other than gaming, accumulating wealth. They rarely excel in professions, and so rely on recruitment of regular people to run their organizations, build their weapons, man their armies.

You’ve met them. They have befriended you, taken advantage of you. You helped them on their tests in school as they just can’t knuckle down. They have engaged you in a love affair and then walked out on you. They have tried to empty your bank account, and undermined you at work. Their biggest thrill in life is the trap, to set it up, capture some one, snap it shut. They do not have much else going on, so that gaming is very important to them. They are disproportionately represented in the prison population, but more importantly, in the corporate world. The higher up one travels in an organization, the more common is the psychopath. They have infested Washington and every state capital.

Power: Regular people do not crave power. We don’t seek to rule others, take no special advantage in being in a position where we control the lives of others.

Psychopaths do. Consequently, by default, power cedes to psychopaths.

Ergo, the world as we know it.

I read, and I do not remember where, that it is very rare that two psychopaths marry. That made me change my perception of the Clinton’s. Bill is a brilliant man, can project empathy and charm and brings tremendous sexual energy to his game. Hillary appears cold and calculating, even menacing. Are they that rare couple, or is it one and not the other? I do not know. I only know with Hillary that the hair on my neck stands on end when I see her on TV. I had that same reaction years ago to George H.W. Bush. These are not nice people.

We all instinctively know when we are in the presence of a predator. We only need to refine that sensibility, and pay attention to it. We are learning more about psychopaths, talking openly about it. There’s even a TV series dedicated to them now. It’s called True Blood.

8 thoughts on “Aliens among us

        1. Cartalucci is good. Seen his stuff syndicated quite widely. Of course, he’s just another one of them socialist writers, so he’s fodder for my new series of polls… 😉


  1. You seem to be mixing and matching psychopath with your earlier descriptions of sociopath you would use in the “Monty” articles. Im no expert on sociopath vs psychopath, but I think you’re using them interchangeably now. Piqued my curiousity as well as to whether you have come clean now that you were actually “Monty” the whole time?


    1. I am not Monty, but was much too harsh with that person, who simply tricked me. That’s hardly evidence of psychopathy. Maybe he was just getting even with me for some asshole thing I did or said. I buried that hatchet long ago.

      Psychopath and sociopath are interchangeable as I understand the current use of the terms.


  2. Abe, what kind of “Sausage King” goes around disecting sausage after it’s served, looking at every little course-ground chunk under a microscope? Wrong restaurant. Wrong movie. You’re from Fargo, right? I don’t think you’re really who claim to be.


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